Lyndoch Living can no longer hide its financial fragility

The mask of Lyndoch Living has crumbled, with the cost of years of poor management being exposed.

The Lyndoch CEO has gone: let the healing begin

The departure of the Lyndoch Living CEO marks a line in the sand.

May Noonan Hostel to close after failing to find buyer

May Noonan in Terang is closing. How terribly sad and utterly avoidable.

Setting the record straight

A word about a defamation action against The Terrier. Was I “successfully sued”? No.

Lyndoch starts selling assets as financial ruin looms

Lyndoch is selling both its primary care centre and May Noonan Hostel in Terang to try and stay afloat.

Lyndoch Living CEO still missing in action after 200 days

The Lyndoch Living CEO has been “on leave” for 200 days, with still no comment on why, or the future of her position.

New Lyndoch medical clinic loses GPs, manager and directors

As predicted, the future of the new $22 million Lyndoch medical clinic is uncertain, with it struggling to find tenants and to hold GPs.

Community vindicated in bruising fight to save Lyndoch

After years of being ignored, those who have fought for Lyndoch Living are being vindicated, but it’s not over yet.

A new voice: standing as Independent for South-West Coast

The Terrier is changing: I am running as an Independent for South West Coast.

GPs letter to Lyndoch raises serious staff health concerns

Exclusive: More than a dozen local GPs have signed a letter to the Lyndoch board, demanding action on staff health and wellbeing.

Are the financial fears around Lyndoch Living now coming to pass?

Speculation is mounting around Lyndoch Living’s financial position in the wake of the CEO’s sudden departure.

Letter reveals elder abuse by Lyndoch Living CEO

Lyndoch Living CEO Doreen Power threatened elderly resident with eviction after complaint.

Finance expert calls on Lyndoch Living board to resign

Finance and governance expert Marcia O’Neill has called for the Lyndoch Living board to resign.

Former Lyndoch Living board member breaks silence

Former Lyndoch Living board member Percy Eccles says the Lyndoch board must “consider their positions”.

Why did the Lyndoch board act? And why they must go

The Lyndoch Living board has finally moved against the CEO, but they must leave next.

Why didn’t Matthew meet Sue to straighten out Lyndoch?

Opportunity goes begging: Liberal leader Matthew Guy didn’t meet with the Lyndoch board during his recent visit.

Opinion finds community can’t take legal action against Lyndoch board

A legal opinion has found the community faces an uphill battle in any action against the Lyndoch Living board.

Parliamentary petition launched to remove Lyndoch board

A community action group has launched a Parliamentary petition to remove the Lyndoch Living board.

Lyndoch Living board cuts itself further from community

The Lyndoch Living board has punched back against community attempts to hold it accountable.

Where does the buck stop? Lyndoch nursing home fails again

Lyndoch Living has failed another string of aged care standards, this time in its high-care nursing home.

Lyndoch Living hostel fails aged care standards after audit

Lyndoch Living hostel fails four out of eight standards after spot audit by watchdog in April.

Sink or swim? Lyndoch’s $22m clinic months from completion

Lyndoch’s multi-million dollar health clinic was due to open next month: it’s still an empty shell.

Lyndoch Living board on notice: open up or step aside

The Lyndoch Living board continues to ignore calls for greater transparency and a reconnection with the community.

Fight4Lyndoch Living community rally: the speeches

More than 350 people gathered for the Fight4Lyndoch rally on Sunday. You can read the speeches here.

Lyndoch Living silent over ongoing staff shortages

Amid allegations of chronic staff shortages and residents missing meals, Lyndoch remains silent.

Covid? What Covid? Lyndoch Living is off to the races

Amid restrictions to visitors, staff shortages and budget constraints, Lyndoch Living is off to the races.

Read all about it! Lyndoch moves into the good news business

Lyndoch Living has gone into the news business, just in time for a spot check by the aged care watchdog.

Zooming in and zooming out: The Terrier in 2022

What is this “unplugged” business? Well, The Terrier page will be doing things a little differently.

Slow but steady, the legal challenge to Lyndoch rolls on

A brief is being prepared for the barrister on Lyndoch Living’s blanket rejection of memberships from the community.

Community ready to fight Lyndoch Living gatekeepers

As a community legal challenge to the Lyndoch Living board gathers pace, staff shortages continue.

Lyndoch fighting fund smashes target out of the park

A fighting fund set up to take Lyndoch Living to court has more than doubled its target.

Community fundraising drive to take Lyndoch Living to court

A community crowdfunding campaign has been launched to take Lyndoch Living aged care to court.

VCAT challenge to Lyndoch’s rejection of members rolls on

W’bool vet Dr Michael McCluskey now has a VCAT hearing listed for his challenge to Lyndoch Living’s membership rejections.

Lyndoch posts record loss as it ploughs on with masterplan

Lyndoch Living has recorded a $4 million loss for 2021 – an all-time high for the aged care home.

Lyndoch board is changing lanes, but keeping its windows up

Lyndoch Living will change how it chooses its board members, but whether “everyday” members will return remains to be seen.

Covid doesn’t stop digging into Lyndoch’s finances and future

Covid has been a game-changer, but it can’t stop scrutiny of Lyndoch, our community owned aged care home, in 2022.

Signs, celebrations and staff shortages: Lyndoch rolls on

More aged care funds will be spent on lawyers for Lyndoch, while staff shortages roll on.

Community bursting with questions for Lyndoch Living AGM

The Lyndoch Living AGM is next week; these are some of the questions the community want answered.

Question time: Lyndoch opens its AGM to the public

Lyndoch Living has decided to open its AGM to the general public, but now we need answers.

VCAT agrees to hear challenge to Lyndoch membership rejection

VCAT agrees to hear case by Warrnambool vet against Lyndoch Living membership rejection.

Near fatality exposes call system black spots inside Lyndoch

The near death of a resident last year has exposed “black spots” within Lyndoch that remain unresolved.

Lyndoch staffing slides backwards in wake of audit failings

Two months after failing more national care standards, Lyndoch is begging for staff.

Crisis point: Lyndoch Living again fails aged care standards

Lyndoch Living has again failed to meet aged care standards – the second time this year.

Lyndoch Living continues to bleed experienced staff

The staff exodus at Lyndoch Living continues, with the hostel area losing its last clinical leader.

Nursing union intervenes in Lyndoch Living staffing crisis

The Aust Nursing and Midwifery Union is demanding answers from Lyndoch on escalating staff shortages.

Was a staff purge all part of the Lyndoch Living plan?

Gone: A photo taken at Lyndoch Living in 2017 gives some idea of the purge of senior staff, which rolls on.

Nick Bryant: The Troublemaker and the Terrier podcast

The Terrier joins former BBC New York correspondent BBC, Nick Bryant, and others in his new podcast on why we need “troublemakers” and terriers.

Lyndoch Living staff exodus: the faces behind the figures

Behind the rising numbers of staff leaving Lyndoch, there are names, faces and stories which must – eventually – be told.

Lyndoch board ignored staff warnings on looming crisis

An explosive letter reveals concerned Lyndoch staff asked the Lyndoch board for help 18 months ago, but were ignored.

Lyndoch board gives short shrift to questions from Roma

Even South West MP Roma Britnell can’t get straight answers from the Lyndoch Living board about its membership process.

Lyndoch in ‘dangerous’ territory as staff departures continue

The drain of experienced staff from Lyndoch Living aged care continues, as the board remains silent.

VCAT asked to rule on Lyndoch Living membership rejections

Dr Michael McCluskey has asked VCAT to examine his rejection as a member of Lyndoch Living.

After eleven months, illegal sign is deemed illegal by WCC

A $30,000 corporate sign installed at Lyndoch last year without a permit has now been officially denied a permit.

A message to the Lyndoch Living board from the front line

Amid staff shortages, resignations and potential sanctions, Lyndoch Living staff are begging the board to listen.

MP asks for answers on Lyndoch’s rejection of new members

South-West MP Roma Britnell is among community leaders questioning why Lyndoch is rejecting new members.

Lyndoch Living moves past the community that created it

Claire Macrae Drylie’s aunt used to prepare the weekly pays for Lyndoch for free. That community spirit is no longer welcome.

Ex Lyndoch director, now aged care expert, on rejection list

Janet Dunn has decades of experience in aged care, but it’s not enough to become a member of Lyndoch.

Rejections expose charade of Lyndoch’s links to community

The charade of Lyndoch’s connection to community is being laid bare.

Lyndoch board kicks community to the kerb with mass rejections

Lyndoch board rejects en-masse community membership applications. Among those rejected was SWHC emergency dept nurse Kate Sloan, pictured.

Illegal sign, unfinished tavern, expose set of double standards

You have to fork out for a parking fine, but an illegal sign passes through without penalty. Welcome to the world of double standards.

Senior staff in the gun as Lyndoch Living looks for scapegoats

Lyndoch Living is looking for scapegoats for its recent failings, with senior nursing staff in its sights.

Clinic buyer revealed, exposing holes in $1.3m Lyndoch deal

The fragility of Lyndoch’s foray into medical practice has been exposed by the sale of the WMC building to Dr Phil Hall.

Tip-off: Lyndoch poised to recruit former WCC Acting CEO

Is Lyndoch Living on the brink of employing yet another senior executive – Vikki King – to its administration?

Arise! Huge pre-fab clinic starts to emerge from Lyndoch

The pre-fab walls are going up on the Lyndoch $22m medical clinic, giving a true sense of its size.

The community is knocking, but will Lyndoch open the gate?

More than 100 people have joined a community sign-up for Lyndoch Living. How many will be accepted?

Why is Lyndoch Living so scared of the community?

Is it you? Is it me? Why has Lyndoch Living become so terrified of the community it serves?

Community sign-up action for Lyndoch this weekend

A community action to stand up for Lyndoch Living will be held this Sunday, August 15.

Testing the gate: launching a Lyndoch membership drive

Lyndoch Living has no members outside of Lyndoch: a terrier “sign up” next weekend will try and change that.

Lyndoch’s May Noonan aged care fails national standards

Lyndoch Living has failed seven out of eight standards for its May Noonan home in Terang.

Lyndoch bulldozes its way through public reserve illegally

Lyndoch bulldozed illegally through Scoborio Reserve to allow truck access to its construction site.

Staying quiet and small, but in for the long haul

Investigative journalism in the regions is facing unprecedented pressures from all corners.

Clinic celebrations mask shift shortages across Lyndoch

While Lyndoch turned the sod on its new clinic, its nursing staff were pleading for help to fill shifts.

Sod turns on Lyndoch med clinic while nurse call system fails

Lyndoch turned the sod on its $22m medical clinic today, while 100m away, nursing staff battle with a broken call system.

No tender called for $24 million Lyndoch Living medical clinic

Lyndoch Living decided not to call tenders for its $24m clinic…and I ask the question of whether we have lost control of Lyndoch already.

WCC chief must maintain momentum as council climbs back

WCC climbs up from the basement of public opinion and there can be no going back now.

Revolving door at W’bool Med Clinic since changing hands

A change in ownership for WMC has seen a huge change in staff since it was sold for $1.3m to Lyndoch Living.

Lyndoch and WCC fail pub test while ruining public reserve

Illegal parking on Scoborio Reserve by Lyndoch Living is turning the public land into a mud bath, and it may become semi-permanent.

CEO victory blows open poisonous culture that silences city

WCC chief’s Supreme Court victory blows apart the poisonous culture of insiders and outsiders.

Peter Schneider v W’bool City Council: judgment in full

Sacked WCC chief wins Supreme Court challenge: download the full judgment here.

Is Lyndoch preparing to smother concerns with cement slab?

Lyndoch is preparing to start work on its $22m medical clinic, despite growing concerns about its financial viability.

Petition ask State Govt to press pause on $22m Lyndoch clinic

A community action group has launched a petition to pause Lyndoch’s $22m medical clinic until concerns are addressed.

Lyndoch Living failings in care didn’t get better, but worse

Lyndoch Living’s failure to provide duty of care has been kept under wraps more than 12 months, only to worsen.

Residents’ suffering exposed in report on Lyndoch Living

Lyndoch Living has failed to meet a string of quality control measures in aged care, a report by the national watchdog reveals.

Aged care watchdog lays down law to Lyndoch Living

The seven recommendations set down for Lyndoch Living by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.

Community (still) owns Lyndoch Living, but does it matter?

Lyndoch Living has faced many challenges over the years, but remains in the hands of the Warrnambool community…in theory.

Another board member resigns from Lyndoch Living

The pins keep falling at the Lyndoch Living board amid questions over the viability of a proposed $24m medical clinic.

Community action group forms to question Lyndoch Living

A grassroots action group has formed to challenge Lyndoch Living over plans to build a $22m medical clinic that some fear may send it broke.

Amid scabies and funding fears, Lyndoch goes racing

Scabies and financial fears are not enough to stop Lyndoch’s corporate tent at the May Races.

Fresh outbreak of scabies at Lyndoch Living aged care

Lyndoch Living aged care home has another outbreak of scabies.

Lyndoch senior exec resigns amid fears over medical clinic

The resignations within the senior ranks of Lyndoch Living just keep coming.

Board silent as resignations within Lyndoch finance roll on

The alarm bells keep ringing inside Lyndoch Living, with two resignations inside its finance team today.

Ex Lyndoch finance chief raises alarm over Lyndoch’s viability

Lyndoch’s former Acting Chief Financial Officer has gone public to raise a red flag over the medical clinic and future viability of Lyndoch.

WCC’s past dodgy dealings – did anyone break the law?

The question of whether anyone at WCC will face consequences for past dealings, remains unresolved.

Power shutdowns allow long-overdue work on shop tops

Shutting off of major powerlines will allow long-overdue painting works on Timor St shop tops.

Animal faeces among EPA concerns for Wannon Water plant

If you’re wondering what’s happening with Wannon Water’s $40 million Warrnambool treatment plant upgrade, here it is.

Bruising Supreme Court battle will leave lasting scars on city

Warrnambool will make history for all the wrong reasons with the Supreme Court battle over sacked WCC chief Peter Schneider.

Court case may set brutal precedent for all council CEOs

All council CEO’s could be vulnerable to being figuratively “taken out the back and shot” if WCC wins legal challenge.

Supreme Court hearing opens into WCC chief’s sacking

Lawyers for sacked WCC chief Peter Schneider say he was the victim of a concerted plan to get rid of him.

WCC poised to close door on racehorse training in wild coast

The new WCC knows the tide has changed around horses on beaches in the wild coast precinct.

Councillors’ full answers on racehorse training

The WCC councillors answers in full on racehorse training at Spooky’s beach.

Roma Britnell: law reform needed to better protect women

In the wake of the #March4Justice, South-West Victoria MP Roma Britnell is calling for meaningful law reform to protect women.

Long-serving Lyndoch Living board member resigns

Lyndoch board member Percy Eccles has pulled up stumps as the facility rolls out is masterplan.

Legal action presses pause button on WCC hiring new CEO

Just in: Former W’bool City Council CEO Peter Schneider has stopped the WCC hiring a replacement.

Tomlinson crashes down: will Lyndoch finances follow?

Lyndoch starts work on its multi-million dollar medical clinic amid questions overs its financial stability.

Saying “enough” to sexual violence against women and girls

I am planning a small event next Monday 15 March as part of March4Justice.

Sacked WCC chief seeking injunction to stop recruitment

Dumped WCC CEO Peter Schneider is seeking to stop the recruitment of a replacement.

Inquiry into aged care a chance to break the fear and silence

The Royal Commission into aged care is a chance for the community to stand up for Lyndoch Living.

We get knocked down…but we get up again

Facebook trapdoor opens on the Terrier, but there’s life in the old dog yet.

Ex-Lyndoch staff go public on “outrageous” home care fees

Elderly residents on home care packages in the south-west are paying up to 44% in management fees.

Wannon Water fails to address concerns on plant upgrade

Dr Laurie Laurenson says Wannon Water has failed to address numerous concerns about its proposed treatment plant upgrade.

Consultants, lawyers and admin soak up Lyndoch millions

Consultants, lawyers and admin costs continue to soak up millions at Lyndoch Living.

WCC advertises for new CEO as court hearing looms

Will it be a new face, or an old face? The WCC recruitment of a CEO begins.

Lyndoch borrows big for $100m masterplan as deficit rises

Lyndoch Living, having recorded a fifth deficit in five years, is digging into residential bonds to fund its $100m masterplan.

Setting sail on the good ship Terrier in 2021

What lies ahead for The Terrier in 2021? New voices, a new project and tackling unfinished business.

Union action sees scabies outbreak confirmed at Lyndoch

After months of speculation and now union intervention, scabies has been confirmed inside Lyndoch’s dementia wing. (Image: MDonline)

Jess Chatfield: fighting for Framlingham forest

Young Gunditjmara woman Jess Chatfield is fighting to save her home from a quarry planned for Framlingham-Panmure.

Lyndoch: red spots, black spots, cold walls and lights out

As the year comes to a close, I wish I could do more to help those who contact me about Lyndoch.

Shrinking or growing? Crunching the numbers on Lyndoch

Lyndoch Living is definitely getting bigger, but is it getting better? The numbers say no.

Illegal signage illuminates bigger issues at Lyndoch

The arrogance and changing priorities of Lyndoch Living are captured by illegal signage installed last week.

Inquest opens into disappearance of WCC engineer

Inquest opens into disappearance of WCC engineer, Barry Collins, 30 years ago.

“Undesirable” result was the exact opposite: Jim Burke

How can a clean sweep of council be “undesirable”, if that is exactly what voters wanted?

Cherry picker on the job at Lyndoch, as gardening staff cut

Lyndoch Living cuts gardening services, but installs swish, new signage.

Lyndoch: potential conflicts of interest, and a new exec

Lyndoch has declined to answer questions about potential conflicts of interest…while its executive team to grow.

Harbour plan needs cool heads and caution: Peter Ronald

Creating a safe harbour won’t stop the hazards of boating in the Southern Ocean, writes Peter Ronald.

Wave of change rolls through Warrnambool City Council

The community has spoken with a complete change to the Warrnambool City Council line-up.

Unprecedented clean sweep in WCC election: full numbers

Ground-breaking Warrnambool City Council election result sees a clean sweep.

Records break as WCC election enters the final countdown

Indications are the WCC election will see a clean sweep, with Vicki Jellie breaking records along the way.

Serious privacy breach at WCC needs full investigation

WCC needs to address unfinished business on leaks and credit card abuse.

Former WCC chief under scrutiny just one month into the job

Former WCC Cr Kylie Gaston claims the sacked CEO was failing to perform almost from day one.

Former Cr Neoh says sacked CEO showed “dog video” for report

Former WCC councillor Mike Neoh claims the sacked CEO showed a “dog video” as part of a formal progress report.

Former Cr Cassidy on WCC chief: “what does he do all day?”

Former W’bool City Councillor Sue Cassidy has set our her defence in the sacking of former CEO Peter Schneider.

Former Cr Owen outlines reasons for sacking WCC chief

Former Cr Owen claims WCC chief Peter Schneider was slow to act and “sidelining” the W2040 plan.

Red zone: Lyndoch posts $1.9m deficit, assets slide by $20m

Behind the spin, Lyndoch Living has recorded another loss and its overall financial position continues to slide.

Acting CEO King denies knowing plan to sack WCC chief

A sworn affidavit by WCC chief Vikki King denies any knowledge of the coup against her predecessor.

Deadline passes for WCC defence docs in CEO sacking

It’s all quiet on the Supreme Court front from the WCC in its defence of sacking the former CEO.

Lyndoch Living: does bullying and intimidation just vanish?

It’s seven months since a leaked survey exposed allegations of bullying and intimidation at Lyndoch. What has happened since?

Changing lives, one story at a time: celebrating Jess Chatfield

Gunditjmara woman Jess Chatfield is emerging as a digital storyteller via a mentorship with The Terrier.

Cr Cassidy appointed Vice President of Lyndoch Living

As Lyndoch prepares for its AGM next Tuesday, it has emerged Cr Sue Cassidy is now Vice President.

Lyndoch: budget blowout, a fire sale and an invite-only AGM

The Lyndoch Living AGM next week is an invitation-only affair, which means no questions from the general public or media.

WCC CEO’s dismissal relied on most expensive option

One of the clauses in the former WCC CEO’s contract would have seen instant dismissal and a much smaller payout. Why wasn’t it used?

Ombudsman urges WCC to address disunity and dischord

The credit cards created a major headache, but issues of disunity and dischord remain within WCC.

Ombudsman reveals changes to WCC credit card rules

Flabby rules around credit card usage at WCC are now a thing of the past.

Ombudsman report reveals poor actions of WCC officials

Nobody comes out of the Ombudsman’s investigation looking good, including top WCC officials.

Ombudsman report: no rules on coffees, lunches and dinners

WCC staff were allowed to use credit cards to “spend local” on lunches, dinners, drinks and coffees.

Ombudsman: $700 dinner a “shock” to manager who paid

Order what you like: two dinners costing more than $2000 expose the lack of restraint.

Ombudsman reveals shouting the bar, at ratepayers’ expense

Largesse and lies: a second huge drinks bill was hidden under “room hire” – all in the same week.

Ombudsman reveals huge drinks bill hidden behind “room hire”

Two “room hires” at the Lady Bay resort were used to hide huge alcohol bill.

Ombudsman’s report into WCC credit cards exposes largesse

Espresso martinis all round: the first instalment of the Ombudsman’s findings.

WCC chief sacking: legal threats flying in fallout

It rolls on: legal threats, emails and warnings, as we pick toward the truth.

WCC Mayor Herbert affidavit lays out night of the long knives

A sworn affidavit by Mayor Tony Herbert sets out what he says happened on the night the CEO was sacked and it’s not pretty.

WCC election 2020: the time for change is now

This Warrnambool City Council election is critical for our city: we can vote for more of the same, or change.

WCC election 2020: candidate how-to-vote cards

WCC election 2020: the complete set of how to vote cards and candidate suggestions.

WCC election 2020: all Terrier profiles in one spot

The complete set of new W’bool City Council election candidates.

WCC candidate Andrew Squires talks with The Terrier

Meet your new Warrnambool City Council candidates: next, Andrew Squires.

WCC candidate Anthony Earnshaw: 10 key questions

Meet your new Warrnambool City Council candidates: next up, Anthony Earnshaw.

WCC candidate Max Taylor talks with The Terrier

Meet your new Warrnambool City Council candidates: tonight, Max Taylor.

WCC candidate Thomas Campbell: 10 key questions

Meet your new Warrnambool City Council candidates: next up Thomas Campbell.

WCC candidate Tracey Togni talks with The Terrier

Meet your new Warrnambool City Council candidates: next up, Tracey Togni.

WCC candidate Lynn Hudson talks with The Terrier

Meet your new Warrnambool City Council candidates: first up tonight, Lynn Hudson.

WCC candidate Angie Paspaliaris chats with The Terrier

Meet your new Warrnambool City Council candidates: next up, Angie Paspaliaris.

WCC candiate Otha Akoch talks with The Terrier

Meet your new Warrnambool City Council candidates: tonight, Otha Akoch.

WCC candidate Matthew Walsh chats with The Terrier

Meet your new Warrnambool City Council candidates: tonight, Matthew Walsh.

WCC candidate Vicki Jellie chats with The Terrier

CANDIDATE VICKI JELLIE: 10 QUESTIONS FROM THE TERRIER: What three main skills could you bring to the Warrnambool City Council as a councillor? I have…

WCC candidate Debbie Arnott chats with The Terrier

Meet your new Warrnambool City Council candidates: tonight, Debbie Arnott.

WCC candidate Michael McCluskey chats with The Terrier

Meet your new Warrnambool City Council candidates: next up, Michael McCluskey.

WCC candidate Jim Burke chats with The Terrier

Meet your new Warrnambool City Council candidates: next up, Jim Burke.

WCC candidate Cassandra Prigg chats to The Terrier

Meet your new Warrnambool City Council candidates: tonight, Cassandra Prigg.

WCC candidate Steve Moore chats with The Terrier

Meet your new Warrnambool City Council candidates: tonight, Steve Moore.

WCC candidate Richard Ziegeler chats with The Terrier

Meet your new Warrnambool City Council candidates: next up, Richard Ziegeler.

WCC candidate Jacinta Anderson chats with The Terrier

Meet your Warrnambool City Council candidates: first up tonight is Jacinta Anderson.

WCC candidate Bruce Campbell chats with The Terrier

Meet your new Warrnambool City Council candidates: next up, Bruce Campbell.

WCC candidate Ben Blain chats with The Terrier

Meet your new Warrnambool City Council candidates: first up, Ben Blain.

WCC: does top job reappointment pass the pub test?

While the Acting WCC CEO’s reappointment to her former job is legal, it is also unusual.

CEO sacking: Secret meetings and confidential documents

If everything dumped WCC chief Peter Schneider says in his affidavit is true, our council has gone bad.

Sacked CEO starts Supreme Court action against WCC

Former WCC chief Peter Schneider has launched legal action to get his job back.

CEO sacking: secret meetings, missing docs and payout shock

Questions by Cr Gaston reveal the failings behind CEO hiring and firing.

Councillors crawl to the finish line, broken and divided

The W’bool City Council holds its final meeting tomorrow night, amid ongoing turmoil over the CEO sacking.

Top lawyers withdrew bill for advice on CEO sacking

The story around the dumping of former W’bool City Council CEO just gets murkier.

Pressure mounts on Wannon Water to end ocean outfall

An independent consultant has urged the EPA to push Wannon Water for a Class A water treatment plant.

CEO dismissal: time to come clean on the costs

The four W’bool City councillors behind the sacking of the CEO have not revealed the cost to ratepayers.

Sacking of W’bool City Council chief under investigation

Events surrounding the sudden sacking of WCC CEO Peter Schneider will be formally investigated.

Transparency just a word at WCC, as secrecy rolls on

Secrecy to stay: the WCC has a chance to reinstate general business to its meetings, but won’t.

Lyndoch rejects claim visiting workers were from Melbourne

Lyndoch has replied to questions from South-West MP Bev McArthur about visitors to the aged care home.

CEO sacking: prising open the clam of confidentiality

The release of minutes provides some insight into the dumping of the WCC chief.

WCC election: last drinks on secrecy, fibs and fairytales

The mood for change at WCC is growing, with fresh candidates stepping up, and the old crew failing to fire.

A little gift in the letterbox makes it all worthwhile

Popping my head out of the kennel to say thankyou!

EPA puts Wannon Water under the pump over ocean outfall

A small victory in the battle to save Thunder Point from effluent pollution.

Taking a little terrier down time in the kennel

As Banksy one (allegedly) said, “rest, but don’t give up”.

Sacked WCC chief launches legal action against councillors

Sacked WCC chief Peter Schneider is taking legal action against four councillors.

What impact will Wannon Water upgrade have on Lady Bay?

A retired marine scientist raises questions about the planned $40m Wannon Water plant upgrade.

Lyndoch Living concerns amid pandemic met with silence

South-West MP Bev McArthur will investigate allegations around two visitors from Melbourne to Lyndoch Living.

Covid-19 questions for Lyndoch Living

As Covid-19 ravages aged care facilities in Victoria, I ask Lyndoch Living some questions.

Oh what a tangled web we weave in Warrnambool

When you join the dots between who works with who in Warrnambool, it’s a fascinating picture.

When the muzzles come out, we have to keep barking

In the face of mounting pressure to be silenced, it’s more important than ever that we speak up.

Unpicking the tight-knit connections of WCC and Lyndoch

The ties that bind: unravelling the connections between W’bool City Council and Lyndoch Living.

Councillors become king makers, but the secrecy remains

The more things change at the W’bool City Council, the more they stay the same.

WCC staff survey results to remain under wraps

Nothing but a stunt: WCC staff survey results were never going to be released.

Million dollar question on CEO axing remains unanswered

WCC ratepayers will foot the bill, but the cost of sacking the CEO remains secret.

Barry the Boolshite detector on why the CEO had to go

Barry runs an eye over the statement by the four W’bool City councillors who orchestrated the coup against CEO.

Zero support for Wannon Water sewage treatment plans

Let’s end the week on a high note: people really do care about what goes into our ocean.

Cr Sycopoulis warns agains “misdirected and unlawful coup”

W’bool City Cr Peter Sycopoulis has backed the CEO and warned against his removal.

Mayor Herbert backs CEO before crucial Monday meeting

Mayor Tony Herbert has thrown his support behind the beleaguered CEO.

Coup against W’bool City Council CEO gathers pace

WCC update: Special meeting called to discuss the CEO’s future.

Power plays in full force as WCC chief under threat

The WCC chief is in the firing line as councillor power games roll on.

WCC confidential item raises spectre of CEO demise

Rumblings are getting louder that WCC chief Peter Schneider is facing a motion of no confidence.

Two years on, Levy’s Beach dunes are still being trashed

One of W’bool’s wildest beaches continues to be trashed, despite a plan to protect it being released two years ago.

Ouch! WCC parking inspectors return with a vengeance

Ouch! Parking times are being enforced for the first time in months.

Wannon Water upgrade issues: The Terrier cheat sheet

It’s difficult to get your head around the Wannon Water sewage plant upgrade – here’s some help.

Public confidence in WCC crashes to an all-time low

The latest community survey for WCC is a train wreck, but there is still no clear plan on how to restore its reputation.

Wannon Water sewage plant upgrade must reach for the stars

Sewage is not sexy, but we shouldn’t settle for a b-grade solution for how we treat our ocean.

Veteran W’bool City Councillor Neoh falls foul of local laws

W’bool City councillor Mike Neoh has been on council for 16 years, but somehow his new family business has failed to meet all local laws.

Demolishing more of our precious history is a bridge too far

The 130-year-old Stanley St bridge could be demolished, despite having major repairs just three years ago.

Nice while it lasted: WCC lifts kindergarten fees after C19

W’bool City Council pushes on with kindergarten fee rises despite C19 and before the Budget is passed.

Holy shi*! Why is brown gunk being pumped into our ocean?

Will the $40 million upgrade to the Wannon Water treatment plant stop the dumping of dirty water into the sea?

Northpoint hotel saga creates one big headache

More than 12 years’ after it was first put to council, the Northpoint tavern/hotel remains under construction.

Crikey! The Terrier springs forth as the paper giants fold

Out of the kennel: My piece published in Crikey today on the seeds of hope for journalism in the regions.

Flushing out the truth about Wannon Water’s fatberg failure

The EPA has spelt out what activists have known all along, that the Wannon Water treatment plant was failing to catch all the gunk.

Time to press the re-set button at the next council election

WCC ratepayers will have their say on 24 October as to who is best to lead our city for the next four years.

Not drowning, saving: shire councils show the way with C19

Corangamite and Moyne shire councils have been out-swimming Warrnambool City Council in response to the financial fallout of C19.

No bones about it, WCC pet rego fees are astronomical

W’bool pet registration fees are going up again. We already pay the second highest rego fees in Australia, and nobody seems to know why.

Gas leak chokes two giant Norfolk pines

Two large Norfolk pines in East Warrnambool have been severely damaged by a gas leak.

Terrier tidbits: rates, credit cards, shite and spending

In these C19 times, The Terrier is chewing on some meaty tidbits rather than deep digs for the bones of truth.

Lyndoch ignores request to meet MP over bullying claims

It’s a month since South-west MP Roma Britnell asked to meet Lyndoch over bullying claims, but the response has been silence.

W’bool Mayor Herbert stays put, but council still wobbling

Cr Tony Herbert will remain as Mayor, but Warrnambool City Council still has a raft of staffing issues to confront.

With the Mayor on thin ice, could Cr Sycopoulis pull off a “Bradbury?

The unlikely and impossible are looking more likely, and more possible, with Cr Sycopoulis well positioned to be Mayor.

Brain fade: W’bool Mayor Tony Herbert breaches C-19 laws

W’bool Mayor Tony Herbert has been spotted breaching the Covid-19 laws just hours after he urged others to stay home.

Lyndoch in lockdown, but CEO still takes to the road

The whole of Warrnambool is being urged to stay put, so why has the Lyndoch CEO been on the move?

In times of crisis, our Mayor needs to step up to the plate

We are experiencing the greatest health crisis of our generation. Where is the WCC Mayor? And the CEO?

Lyndoch marks National Anti-Bullying Day with…bullying?

Lyndoch Living circulates a petition to support the CEO in the face of bullying allegations.

Pressure point: MP acts on explosive Lyndoch staff survey

A leaked staff survey confirms the question is not if Lyndoch is heading for an iceberg, but when it will hit.

Attack dog: when Lyndoch sent its lawyers after The Terrier

Being threatened with defamation is no fun, but it doesn’t mean shutting up.

Biologist Prof Rob Wallis recruited to Lyndoch board

Prof Rob Wallis is the latest hand-picked recruit to the Lyndoch board.

WMC practice manager resigns, will there be more to follow?

If the resignations keep coming at the W’bool Medical Clinic, Lyndoch may have $1.3m paid for fresh air.

Lyndoch spends up big on medical clinic, but at what risk?

Lyndoch paid $1.3m for the W’bool Medical Clinic, with nearly all of it spent on “goodwill”.

Which of our councillors have owned a racehorse?

A simple question of who on council has owned a racehorse is proving prickly.

Board silent after Lyndoch Living membership decisions

The Lyndoch board is saying nothing about who may have been accepted as members.

Racehorse trainers abandon Levy’s: the battle is over

At last: common sense has prevailed and Levy’s Beach/Tarerer coast will be spared from mass racehorse training.

Lyndoch board resignation kept under wraps…here’s why

Lyndoch board member Peter Downs resigned before Christmas and the community is being shut out of finding his replacement.

Cr Neoh attempts to be hero, but nobody falling for this one

All too little, too late: WCC Cr Mike Neoh pulls on the red cape as part of coup against CEO.

Lyndoch Living board member calls it quits…now what?

Well this is awkward. A Lyndoch Living board member has resigned, but who will fill the space?

Letter to the Editor sums up Lyndoch membership farce

No explanation necessary: this Letter to the Editor in the local paper is worth running in full.

Breaking down: WCC staggers under the weight of old ways

The WCC was hoping for change under the new CEO, but the resignations keep coming.

Lyndoch: more spent on lawyers and consultants than food

In the past two years, Lyndoch Living has spent more on lawyers, consultants and accountants than on food for residents.

Traditional Owners lift their voices, but will we ever listen?

In full: the moving letter by three Traditional Owners that was sent to WCC before last Monday’s crucial vote on racehorse training.

The truth behind Lyndoch’s immoral horse race sponsorship

The sponsorship deal between Lyndoch and the W’bool Racing Club makes a lie of an important promise made by Lyndoch 10 years ago.

Deficit: down the rabbit hole into Lyndoch Wonderland

We enter the world of Lyndoch Living, where down is up and deficits are good.

Racehorses: respecting Country and a crucial council vote

Monday night’s council vote on racehorse training at Levy’s will also be a test of our true respect for Indigenous culture.

WRC to WCC: Hi Bruce, can you help us out of a bind?

An email exchange between two powerful CEOs reveals so much about how business could be done in Warrnambool.

FOI: Digging into the numbers behind the Daz and Jaz show

When it came to swamping Warrnambool’s beaches with racehorses, there were just two names: Weir and McLean.

FOI confirms WCC weakness on racehorse training breaches

The WCC promised to keep a close eye on racehorse training at Lady Bay, but an FOI suggests it did very little.

Why is Lyndoch so paranoid about public scrutiny?

Lyndoch Living is owned by the community, but is acting more like a cabal, with a blanket rejection of new membership applications.

Senior W’bool City Council executive steps down

Another senior Warrnambool City Council executive has announced his resignation.

Election 2020: credit cards, rate rises and c*** acts

The 2020 council election is a chance for a clean out at the W’bool City Council, which has been damaged by in-fighting and financial scandals.

Lyndoch staff are finding their voices

Lyndoch staff are using an internal staff survey to speak up and out.

Blue-chip whistleblower goes public on WCC fraud inquiry

Frustrated by a lack of action over allegations of fraud and corruption, a whistleblower from the WCC steps into the light.

Lyndoch surveys staff, but the deeper questions remain

Lyndoch Living has hired a consultant to run a staff survey, but it could be – and should be – going so much deeper.

Amid allegations of staff shortages, Lyndoch’s off and racing

When aged care is under the pump, it’s hard to believe Lyndoch puts money toward gambling.

Lyndoch: a new company, complaints and potential conflicts

Complaints have been lodged with the Australian charities watchdog over Lyndoch’s move into a medical clinic.

Who’s paying? Lyndoch’s multi-million-dollar medical clinic

Plans for a multi-million dollar public medical clinic at Lyndoch Living raises more questions about priorities and funding.

Lyndoch Living chair issues statement to staff

Lyndoch chair Kerry Nelson has issued a statement to staff. It is worth reading and you can do so here.

Lyndoch: time to speak up, step up, and pull back the power

We need to speak up for Lyndoch and show that Warrnambool will not stand for bullies, no matter who they are, or what they promise.

Plenty more: digging into the back story of Lyndoch’s CEO

From Seymour to Plenty, the back story of Lyndoch CEO Doreen Power just raises more questions about her appointment.

Lyndoch board: Seymour sounds a warning on staying silent

The train-wreck of Seymour hospital should be a canary in the cage for the board of Lyndoch Living.

Inside Lyndoch Living and why we need to be worried

The back story to the Lyndoch CEO is why I am now diving deep into Lyndoch’s troubles. It’s going to be long haul, but necessary.

Lyndoch: champagne at the races, but no sheets and towels

It’s time the Lyndoch Living board and CEO were held to account for its spending priorities.

Shifting sands on racehorse access to coastal reserve

Two W’bool City councillors have modified their positions on allowing racehorses into a wild beach.

Trainer banned as WCC cracks down on Lady Bay breaches

The W’bool City Council is finally cracking down on racehorse rule breakers at Lady Bay.

Is Lyndoch Living stitching up a deal for Scoborio Reserve?

A piece of prime public land could be swept up in the expansion of Lyndoch Living.

Lyndoch Living pulling down the shutters on scrutiny

Lyndoch is behaving more like a private corporation than a community owned home for our elderly and infirm.

WCC suffers mortal wound in Mayoral election bloodbath

How does the W’bool City Council come back from the brutal Mayoral showdown? It can’t.

Time to ask the tough questions of those in charge

It’s a big week coming up for these two powerful women, and we should all be watching.

WCC tearing each other’s heads off in mayoral race

Knives out: Isn’t the selection of Warrnambool’s next Mayor going well!

Where did you go? Crunching the numbers on Lyndoch staff

Many of the staff I used to see around Lyndoch are no longer there. A closer look at staffing changes might explain why.

Lyndoch’s big spend-up powers on despite $1.77m deficit

Lyndoch is rolling on with a $100 million masterplan, but where the money is coming from remains a mystery.

Cr Gaston on credit card abuse: “This is a blip. It will pass.”

A leaked email shines a light on what former Warrnambool mayor Cr Kylie Gaston thinks of the corporate credit card scandal.

A record profit for WRC, so let’s leave Levy’s alone

Far from falling over, local racing has never been stronger – without any access to Levy’s Beach.

Why WCC whistleblowers don’t go to the boss

WCC chief Peter Schneider got off to a very bad start with building trust. Here’s why.

Boom! Whistleblowers drop a bomb on the WCC

A string of red-hot allegations have been sent to Ratepayers Victoria by WCC whistleblowers.

A few more Foxy facts before taking a breather

The Terrier is taking a bit of a breather, but here are some final Foxy facts before I go.

Credit card rort: Foxy the fact checker goes digging

The fresh facts on WCC credit card abuse just keep coming, thanks to Foxy the Fact Checker.

Hold your bark back: speaking up is a now a crime

Meet Foxy. We need Foxy, because speaking up is now a crime, especially if you shout at the WCC.

Shock vote sees WCC vote for in-depth investigation

Nobody saw this coming – the voices of the people have been heard loud and clear by the WCC.

WCC credit card #4 and laying the whole mess bare

The time has come, the walrus said, to lay it all out there about the WCC mess, so today I am doing just that.

Credit card no 3: two dinners costing more than $2000

The more the W’bool City Council tries to contain its credit card mess, the deeper the hole.

WCC response to who attended two big dinners and why

The W’bool City Council’s reply in full to my questions about the two dinners.

Change up: next generation of journos heading our way

One of Australia’s top journos, Jo Chandler, will be in town next week with a group of masters journalism students to look at climate change.

A silent old shed speaks volumes about WCC waste

It isn’t pretty, but this old shed speaks volumes about the waste that has gone on within the Warrnambool City Council.

Emails flying as factional brawl rolls on in Liberal branch

Meanwhile, over in sideshow alley, the local Liberal branch is tearing its own head off.

It’s a trough life: WCC meal allowance soaks up $160 a day

The WCC’s new travel policy allows up to $90 per person, per day, for dinner when travelling. This is frugality?

Is there more to the WCC credit card scandal? Yes.

For weeks now, I have been asked one question about the Warrnambool City Council credit card scandal: is there more? The answer is yes.

WCC credit card scandal: why the whole thing reeks

Mayor Tony Herbert was alerted to big spending by a council manager months before he says he was. How do I know? I told him.

Ratepayers Victoria calls for urgent investigation into WCC

The credit card scandal within WCC is not going away, in fact the heat is rising.

Huge dog fines turning into a catastrophe for council

Why would the WCC pursue $330 fines for pet owners other than bloody mindedness and greed?

Doubles: WCC allows senior managers to hold private jobs

Can a full-time, senior council manager have a second job in the private sector? At Warrnambool City, yes.

Lyndoch Living rolls out masterplan…and cuts nursing staff

Lyndoch Living is going for broke with its $100m masterplan, but cutting back on staff.

Mayor’s response…and did we pay for a day at Flemington?

Secrets: WCC Mayor Tony Herbert was the only councillor told of the credit card scandal, which just keeps rolling on.

WCC credit cards: bringing in Barry, the Boolshite detector

Whitewashing won’t work, it’s time to bring in an independent auditor and Barry the Boolshite detector.

On the gravy train, there are always plenty of passengers

The WCC credit card scandal does not stop with just one manager. In fact, a new receipt shows we’re at the tip of the iceberg.

Credit cards: Roma Britnell pushes for independent inquiry

South-West Coast MP Roma Britnell has weighed into the credit card scandal at WCC, asking for an independent inquiry.

WCC credit card: if it’s fraud, what are we doing about it?

Ratepayers don’t want another review, they want to know if there was fraud and, if so, what is being done about it?

Revealed: the credit card spending that was to be kept secret

Thousands of dollars in repayments for purchases on a WCC credit card were kept from ratepayers.

Thanks to grant win, the Terrier is turning up the volume

The Terrier wins funding from the $100 million Judith Neilson Institute to hire a cadet Indigenous journalist.

The smoking gun: WCC credit card scandal blows right open

Credit card scandal: WCC tourism chief David McMahon has resigned and this explains why.

WCC credit cards: from tapas to tackle, where is the scrutiny?

Would you like a receipt with that? A lack of detail and scrutiny sums up the use of one W’bool City Council credit card.

Credit card scandal widens to former WCC chief Bruce Anson

As the WCC corporate credit card revelations roll on, the former CEO himself makes an appearance over a $185 lunch.

Mayor Herbert swept up in WCC credit card scandal

Mayor Tony Herbert is staying silent on the WCC credit card scandal, despite being among those sitting at the table when breakfast was served.

Eye fillet, pork belly and seafood linguine: your rates at work

WCC ratepayers have footed the bill for thousands of dollars spent on meals racked up on one corporate credit card, by one council manager.

WCC responses to first batch of credit card questions in full

Credit cards: The W’bool City Council answers to my first questions…in full.

Air issues expose deteriorating state of W’bool Art Gallery

Given the poor state of the W’bool Art Gallery and W’bool Library, why not combine the two in a new building?

We don’t want ‘sexy’, we just want sensible spending

A decade of poor scrutiny has led to the WCC budget crisis now in play.

Where would we be if nobody took a risk?

Revisiting the place where Alf Altmann started his epic effort to row solo across Bass Strait.

Confronting our brutal and bloody past

At last we are telling the stories of our true history, rather than the sanitised version.

No rules, no boundaries: racehorse training at Albert Park

How on earth can racehorse training be allowed in a public park where kids walk to school?

Taking a peek inside the world of assets and freebies

The Register of Interests provides a fascinating insight into the world of Federal MPs, including our own, Dan Tehan.

Did the WCC backdate a lease to cover its backside?

Something doesn’t add up about the WCC’s sudden move to a written lease for a CBD property after 30 years.

Nothing in writing for 30-year lease to WCC staff member

The WCC has leased a council-owned CBD apartment to a staff member for 30 years…on a handshake deal.

Titbits: Mr Smith, Mr McLean, and the “missing” May Race Day buses

Terrier titbits: Mr Smith comes to Warrnambool and other bits and bobs from the wild world of racing.

After Budj Bim, how will we justify racehorses at Levy’s?

Once Budj Bim is declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, how will we explain allowing racehorse training at Levy’s Beach?

Titbits: WCC staff meet the Boss, and those Aquazone dollars

Coming to a theatre near you: W’bool City Council staff meet their new boss, and more on the $1 million pool works.

Aquazone soaking up big dollars for improvements

Almost $1 million will be spent on works at Aquazone, but where is the money coming from?

Titbits: spending up, trees down and doin’ the Sharp shimmy

What a waste: The cash-strapped WCC is hiring highly paid staff and cutting down trees to build things we don’t need.

Liberal Party election shenanigans at aged care home

Can a Liberal Party campaign worker help the elderly to vote? Yes, they can.

Ouch! WCC sports ground fees climbing by 100%

A decision to lift sports ground fees by 100% over four years is starting to bite.

Power to the trees…and the people

Two 115-year-old Moreton Bay figs have been saved from the axe. Take a bow, because you did this.

Pave paradise, put up a parking lot: saving our beaches

More bitumen, coming to a beach near you. A $620,000 carpark will be built at Lady Bay for the racing industry.

Highly respected researcher wades into racehorse debate

Top-gun academic Dr John Sherwood, from Deakin University, is adding his expertise to the racehorses on beaches issue.

May Racing Carnival again has blood on its hands

With the death of yet another racehorse from the W’bool May Racing Carnival, how on earth can we support jumps racing?

Terrier titbits: 30kph zones, old trees and an election

Terrier titbits #2: Life in the slow lane as 30kph zones are introduced across the CBD.

Terrier titbits: the marquee folds and toilets running slow

Tender, meaty morsels for crazy May Race week.

Trainer’s move to Warrnambool gets Weir-der and Weir-der

Why would WA trainer Lindsey Smith want to take on Weir’s stables in W’bool? Hmmmmm.

Lyndoch CEO and W’bool Racing Club chief share racing ties

Lyndoch’s sponsorship of the Grand Annual Steeplechase has taken another twist.

Racing club whacked with a feather for training breaches

The W’bool City Council has dragged out a big feather and gently tapped the Warrnambool Racing Club for multiple breaches of racehorse training rules.

Sharp points to bigger airport burden for WCC ratepayers

Sharp receives $75,000 it didn’t ask for, from a council running the airport at a loss. Go figure.

The Terrier punches above its tiny weight

The Terrier is one of only 11 projects to receive a Walkley Grant from more than 100 applicants.

Goodbye to the original terrier, my mum

The original terrier has left this world, but her legacy lives on in me.

Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs and the city of WooBoo

To explain the W’bool City Council budget woes, I could flood you with numbers or write a cautionary fairytale. I have gone for the latter.

Adam Kempton: 12 reasons why not to break the rate cap

Lawyer and provocateur Adam Kempton gives a dozen reasons why busting the rate cap is a very bad idea.

WCC ignores public opinion and pushes to break rate cap

The legacy of former WCC chief executive Bruce Anson is now being felt on the bottom line.

It’s official: Warrnambool is being fleeced for dog rego fees

Warrnambool is the second most expensive place in the whole of Australia to register your desexed dog. Why?

The people say “no” to plan for $600 market trader levy

A W’bool City Council plan to introduce a $600 market trader fee has hit a wall of protest.

Racehorses churn and burn at Lady Bay as WCC steps in

Racehorse trainers continue to ignore the rules at Lady Bay, despite the WCC meeting with the WRC this week to discuss numerous breaches.

We are one world: Christchurch

Warrnambool’s tribute to Christchurch: we stand with you. No more hate.

WCC plans to hit market traders with $600 fee

The WCC has sparked a near riot with its plan to hit market stall holders with a new $600 a year fee.

No words, just a beautiful Loud Fence

Warrnambool creates a LoudFence for all survivors of childhood sexual assault.

Lady Bay racehorses and beach kids a disaster in waiting

A potentially lethal mix of racehorses and young children came dangerously close at Lady Bay on the long weekend.

100 dead birds and rising in Lake Pertobe botulism outbreak

Within the calm surrounds of Lake Pertobe, there is a mass killing underway and not enough is being done to stop it.

Revealing the truth about south-west’s violent past

This massacre map is so confronting, but so necessary to examine if we are to face the truth. 

W’bool puts up a massive fight for the Bight

What a beautiful, uplifting sight. One of the biggest protests seen in Warrnambool to #fightforthebight

WCC rate rise and the Hill that is bleeding us all

Flagstaff Hill will cost ratepayers $600,000 this year, with still no long-term survival plan in sight.

WCC rate rise and May Racing Carnival corporate tent

Budgets are tight, but the W’bool City Council’s corporate tent at the May Racing carnival is untouchable.

WCC rate rise and a $450,000 roundabout makeover

Despite WCC financial pressures, it’s full steam ahead for a $450,000 makeover to a city roundabout.

WCC rate rise and pushing $328,000 down a drain

Not a revelation, but a reminder of the $300,000-plus that could have been saved on Simpson St drain project.

Drinks on us: W’bool City Council’s corporate credit cards

Drinks on us: a closer look at the W’bool City Council’s corporate credit cards amid push for rate rise.

WCC rate rise and spending more than $900k on consultants

How to save $700,000 in seven days: the (almost) $1 million cost of consultants.

W’bool City Council rate rise and the Taj Mahal of toilets

How to save $700,000 in seven days, starting with the toilets.

Historic trainers to pay $341.25 per horse for beach access

While the battle for Levy’s rages, new details are emerging for racehorse training on other beaches.

Hi Tony, maaaaaate: the ties between the WCC and racing

The local Liberal Party ructions have exposed – again – the deep ties between the W’bool City Council and racing.

With disgraced Weir gone, the game is up

The hammer has fallen on trainer Darren Weir…and the ass has fallen out the argument to allow 800 racehorses a week at Levy’s.

Is the new Liebig St working, or not?

Is a lack of free parking killing Warrnambool’s Liebig St? A petition signed by almost 3000 people say it is.

Weir scandal offers WCC a chance to ditch Levy’s plan

The Weir-McLean scandal gives the W’bool City Council the perfect “out” from the disastrous plan to allow racehorses at Levy’s Beach.

The chequered past of Darren Weir and Jarrod McLean

Trainers Darren Weir and Jarrod McLean share a chequered past, punctuated by a string of offences under racing rules.

WCC spends thousands on Cape Schanck delegation despite pushing rate rise

The W’bool City Council spent thousands to send seven delegates to a conference at Cape Schanck last July, including the W’bool Racing Club CEO.

No racehorses in W’bool City Council’s 1998 plan for Levy’s

Yet another plan for Levy’s Beach that was started, never finished and then forgotten.

How can racehorse training be approved without an impact study?

Racehorse training is set to start at Levy’s, but there is still no environmental impact study.

WCC breaks its new coastal plan to allow racehorse training

The W’bool City Council went to great lengths to build a new coastal plan, only to ignore it.

Drawing deep for a long, tough journey

A stretch of our wild beach is about to be sacrificed, but this story reminds me of why we must not give up hope.

W’bool City Council sells out to might of racing industry

The W’bool City Council has crumbled under the weight of the racing industry by handing it access to a coastal reserve.

Urgent WCC meeting to endorse racehorses at Levy’s Beach

W’bool City Council will hold an urgent meeting this week to endorse racehorses training at Levy’s. The capitulation is almost complete.

Rumblings growing louder about racehorse training at Levy’s

Things have gone eerily quiet on the push to get racehorse training at Levy’s Beach, but I suspect something is afoot. (Image: Racenet)

All go, go for FOGO? Well, yes, yes and no, no

The WCC’s new organic waste service is a terrific move, but it could take a year or more before it reaches your street.

Sweet potatoes: how Purcell pushed Britnell over the line

James Purcell, having tried his darnedest to edge Roma Britnell out of her seat, ended up being the one who kept her in it.

Ten local takeaways from the state election

Ten local takeaways from the amazing state election.

Survey reveals staff stress and discontent within WCC

An independent survey of W’bool City Council staff has revealed that many of its workers feel stressed, undervalued and frustrated.

Purcell, potatoes and why the Liberals will win (again)

Election: The Liberals are shaping up for yet another win in the south-west, but can we make it at least close?

Construction giant hammers WCC for wasting ratepayers’ money

Construction giant Graeme Rodger has blasted W’bool City Council for a tender process that will see ratepayers pay $328,000 more for a project.

Lyndoch apartments slow to move, despite race sponsorship

Waterfront by Lyndoch sponsors the W’bool jumps race, but its apartment sales remain sluggish.

The “in-crowd” and the “out-crowd” damages democracy

Whether you like him or not, W’bool City Councillor Peter Hulin’s exclusion from ever being chosen as mayor is a big ‘stuff you’ to voters.

Racehorse training permit mess exposes serious issues

From breaking the law to conflicts of interest, the WCC’s handling of racehorses-on-beaches has exposed serious gaps in the system.

Off and racing: the Kylie, James and Martin show

In backing racehorse training at Levy’s Beach, Cr Kylie Gaston moved from environmentalist to a political beast. Some will never forgive her.

Racehorse debacle puts spotlight on W’bool City Council CEO

Racehorse training at Levy’s has been found to be illegal. Why did the W’bool City Council CEO not tell us what he knew?

Giant trees saved for now, but what happens next?

Two of our oldest street trees have been temporarily spared from the axe, but the fight is far from over.

Our wild places and old trees need saving, not destroying

This is our precious, living heritage and you, Warrnambool City Council, are trashing it.

W’bool City Council opens up on 30-year lease deal to staffer

By Carol Altmann It has been a bit like pulling teeth, but the Warrnambool City Council has finally released more detail about why it has…

Port Pirie had a Rolf Harris mural – now it doesn’t

A few days ago, Port Pirie had a mural by Rolf Harris in a local theatre – now it doesn’t.

Racing offers $267k sweetener for early access to Levy’s Beach

Racing is offering the W’bool City Council a big lump of sugar as part of its push to have racehorses back at Levy’s by December.

Free kick: Is Labor backing Purcell over its own candidate?

Free kick: Is Labor backing Independent James Purcell in the south-west?

Milking it: how Crs Neoh and Gaston can be councillors AND wanna-be MPs

By Carol Altmann Here is a legal loophole that is so big, you could drive a truck through it: you can be a local councillor…

Is W’bool City Council a bloated boys’ club? The sums say yes.

Despite rate capping and a growing salary bill, life at the top of the Warrnambool City Council remains lucrative.

WCC leasing deals: a wall of silence…and a shiny new shed

Nothing to see here. The WCC pulls down the shutters on revelations a staff member has rented a council property for more than 30 years.

New figures confirm Flagstaff Hill is done and dusted

New figures confirm Flagstaff Hill is in a death spiral: we now need to plan its replacement.

Huge changes afoot as Midfield Meats makes it move

Midfield Meats is on the move, with significant implications for Merrivale and beyond.

Lifting the lid on 30-year-rent deal for WCC staff member

A senior WCC staff member has lived in a subsidised, council-owned apartment for more than 30 years. How?

Are we being told the truth about Flagstaff Hill?

I have been looking at visitor numbers for Flagstaff Hill and there are worrying signs.

Plastic dump investigation needs a whistleblower

By Carol Altmann Every time I look at the above photo of Warrnambool woman Colleen Hughson, I am struck by the humility of it. There…

We just signed up to 76,800 horses on our wild beaches

By Carol Altmann The full power of the horse racing industry in Victoria has been laid bare. In 118 pages, the Belfast Coastal Reserve Management Plan…

All smiles: Dan Tehan’s friends in racing

MP Dan Tehan is a big fan of racing, but more than that, he owns shares in a racehorse with WRC chairman Nick Rule.

It will soon cost $70 to register your dog – and here’s why

The Terrier – Carol Altmann WARRNAMBOOL ratepayers are in for a shock next year (2019) when it comes to putting out their rubbish and registering…

How can you dump piles of deadly plastic without detection?

By Carol Altmann LAST November, millions of tiny plastic pellets (nurdles) were dumped illegally into Warrnambool’s sewerage treatment system – polluting our beaches all the way…

My child, how can I protect you?

This piece was submitted by a local woman who signed the petition to remove the Rolf Harris mural from the Lighthouse Theatre in Warrnambool. I…

Petition launched to advertise CEO position

A petition has been launched asking the W’bool City Council to advertise the position of its CEO for the first time in 11 years*. As…

W’bool City Council CEO salary goes higher and higher

You don’t know it, but the Warrnambool City Council voted to give its CEO, Bruce Anson, a pay rise last week and he now earns…

Does horse racing rule our town?

Carol Altmann – The Terrier One of the many things that struck me while working through the plan to allow commercial racehorse training on our…

10 good reasons why we must say no to horses and dogs

By Carol Altmann Why horses and dogs don’t belong in the conservation and conservation/recreation zones that will stretch from Killarney Beach to Warrnambool: 1. At…

Taking a stand: “But Carol, where will it end?”

I met two unforgettable people last week while collecting signatures to erase the mural by sexual predator Rolf Harris at the Lighthouse Theatre in Warrnambool.

Both of them, one a man, the other a woman, were survivors of child sexual abuse and were, as they described it, “finding their voice” to talk about such a personal atrocity and do everything they could to ensure that no other child would suffer what they had.

After Don and Harvey, can we stick with Rolf Harris?

What message does this black perspex send to women and girls in Warrnambool?

Embracing the winds of change in Warrnambool

I am so glad that the postal vote on same-sex marriage happened while I was living here in Warrnambool, because I needed to make peace with this town.

Edna Jones’ baby: a story of shame, secrets and setting things right

Marilla Lenne’s birth mother was Edna Jones, but she has never been recognised by the Gwen and Edna Foundation.

Can W’bool break its coffee cup habit?

By Shane Wilson* Walk down Liebig Street from 8.30am on every weekday, and come to think of it weekends, and you will see the hastened…

Could we play our own Trump card?

By Tom Waterwheel* Australians seem to view the rise of Trumpist populism with bemusement and alarm. The daily trainwreck of Donald Trump and his advisors…

Where are the ‘police’ Norfolk pines now?

The Terrier – Carol Altmann There is an interesting follow-up to our March piece about the removal of the two historic Norfolk pine trees from the…

No close shaves here: Paul Howlett

By Carol Altmann The beard is back and there is no more lustrous, free-flowing, eye-catching example than Paul Howlett’s in full flight as he strides down…

Midfield Merrivale milk factory off the boil

The Terrier – Carol Altmann [dropcap style=”font-size: 35px; color: #8cc7d0;”] T [/dropcap]wo of the most controversial projects to be approved in Warrnambool in recent times –…

How we get from topless bars to abuse

By Carol Altmann [dropcap style=”font-size: 35px; color: #8cc7d0;”] A [/dropcap]fter I published this piece, a reader wrote to me, asking how I “joined the dots”…

Tourism? We are missing out big time

The Terrier A little statistic popped out of Parks Victoria about six weeks ago that should have had us all gasping and wondering what we…

In full voice: the irrepressible Lyn Eales

By Carol Altmann [dropcap style=”font-size: 35px; color: #8cc7d0;”] L [/dropcap]yn Eales is a performer, a pacifist, an activist and an organiser; a leader, a doer,…

The power of a single, anonymous note

This piece was submitted by a reader. I will keep her name anonymous. [dropcap style=”font-size: 35px; color: #8cc7d0;”] I [/dropcap]t was with a heavy heart…

The boy who talked to teapots: Bill Abrahams

By Carol Altmann [dropcap style=”font-size: 35px; color: #8cc7d0;”] A [/dropcap]sk Bill Abrahams how his obsession with op-shops, thrift shops and secondhand stuff began and he pulls out…

Stroke of luck – surviving a killer

By Lee Nicholson [dropcap style=”font-size: 35px; color: #8cc7d0;”] C [/dropcap]lose your eyes for just a moment. Is everything silent? No?

Historic trees could have been saved

Opinion/Analysis by Carol Altmann [dropcap style=”font-size: 35px; color: #8cc7d0;”] D [/dropcap]o you remember the two giant Norfolk pines that were cut down at the Warrnambool…

When the heart hardens, the community hurts

  By Jim Clarke, former editor and general manager of The Standard. [dropcap style=”font-size: 35px; color: #8cc7d0;”] A [/dropcap]s Australia’s two major publishers continue along…

Starting again…

[dropcap style=”font-size: 35px; color: #8cc7d0;”] M [/dropcap]ost of you will remember Bluestone Magazine, a small start-up that brought an online, fully independent magazine to south-west Victoria…

From bondage to a whole new discipline

By Carol Altmann [dropcap style=”font-size: 35px; color: #8cc7d0;”] W [/dropcap] hen I last saw Leah Potter about 14 years ago, she was standing 6ft 5″…

The Sleevehearts: putting it out there

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Welcome to Soundcheck: a look at the local live music scene with Lee Nicholson. You can contact Lee at[/author_info] [/author] [dropcap style=”font-size:…

James Purcell’s potential conflict of interest

Opinion: MLC James Purcell’s potential conflict of interest. (Image: Enjoy Racing)

Purcell on racing industry: Hansard

Hansard: 15 September 2016 COUNCIL Adjournment JAMES PURCELL Mr  PURCELL  (Western Victoria) — The adjournment matter I raise tonight is for the Minister for Racing, Mr Pakula.…

Hot off the presses: Deakin plan

[box]This is the media release in full just issued by Deakin University:[/box] DEAKIN WARRNAMBOOL HERE TO STAY  Monday, 3 October 2016 [dropcap style=”color: #a5cecd;”]D[/dropcap]eakin University…

New website captures FJ stories

New website captures FJ stories.

WCC terminations, resignations and payouts

W’bool City Council terminations, resignations and payouts.

Deakin: Phillpot discreet amid leadership vacuum

Deakin: Phillpot discreet amid leadership vacuum.

Opinion: Deakin a casualty of poor leadership

Opinion: Deakin a casualty of poor leadership.

Opinion: Deakin Uni can afford to stay

Analysis: Deakin Uni can afford to stay, so why doesn’t it?

Analysis: The wrecking of the Warrnibald

Analysis: The wrecking of the Warrnibald.

WCC being sued over train crossing death

WCC being sued over crossing death.

Montgomery tipped to buy Glenormiston

Exclusive: Montgomery tipped to buy Glenormiston.

Tightening the tap on council leaks

Analysis: Tightening the grip on information.

So who was this Mr Liebig?

Who who was this Mr Liebig?

A $4m Loch Ard peacock, but who has the key?

The Vault: a $4m peacock but who has key?

More than a farmer’s wife: rural women’s forum

Fashion and farming: designer Leila Sweeney is the modern face of farming life. Image: Andy Rogers

From a rock to our best-known sculpture

How did this wonderful sculpture get there? See our fascinating images and slideshow….

WIN: Day Kitty organic fruit and vegie box

WIN a Day Kitty organic vegie box.

WIN: A $50 FJ Market stall voucher

WIN: A $50 FJ Market stall voucher.

The Vault: WCC spends $450k and no report?

The Vault: F4Kids spends $450k and no report?

Fascinating images from FJ archive

Fascinating images from FJ archive.

Rare Fletcher Jones images inspire top artist

Rare FJ images inspire top artist.

The fashionable world of Suzi Walter

Suzie Walter’s talent with fashion design goes back a long way – and right to the top.

FJ Markets no longer stalled, but racing

The Fletcher Jones Markets are no longer stalled but racing.

Exclusive Helen Garner event

An exclusive evening with Helen Garner.

Uncovered: Rena Jones’ lovely letter to the people

Uncovered: Rena Jones’ letter to open Pleasant Hill.

Protected: Photos: Inside the new 222 Timor St

Subscribers: all the photos from 222 Timor St.

A renovation on a grand scale: 222 Timor

Step inside: The Taylor family has restored and renovated an 1850s building with incredible results…

The musical highs of Cooper Lower

Discover the musical highs of young talent Cooper Lower…

WIN: Chinese New Year banquet at Proudfoots

WIN! Tickets to Chris Grace’s Chinese New Year banquet.

Women’s art prize unveils guest judge

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #A5CECD;”] T [/dropcap]he new director of the Warrnambool Art Gallery Vanessa Gerrans will judge this year’s South West International Women’s Day…

The Vault: trees, transparency and truth

The Vault: Trees, transparency and the truth.

Tea trees gone, but pavement still rising….

A hazard in plain view.

The big shed shemozzle: we follow the money

Shed shemozzle: we follow the money.

The Vault: The big shed shemozzle, part 3

The Vault: WCC shed is on the move….

Prominent Merri River site slated for subdivision

The Vault: What a prominent lawyer has planned for a prominent site.

Patloch Lane an opportunity gone begging

Analysis: Patloch Lane an opportunity gone begging.

Artery is pumping and here’s what’s next…

The Artery is pumping – and about to get even bigger.

A year of mid-century designs: Clinton Krause

Clinton Krause: A year of mid-century designs.

The Vault: emails on cost of swimming pool tiles

Inside The Vault: the cost of swimming pool tiles.

The artistic face of Christopher Grace

At arm’s length: we discover the artistic side of chef Christopher Grace.

“By the Winged Feet of Hermes”

By Joseph Buller By the Winged Feet of Hermes: A Tale in Two Parts Part One: Oh, such horrors, I shall bestow upon you all…

Drifting on a dream to the Drift House

Drifting: John Watkinson and Colleen Guiney are the creative minds behind Port Fairy’s Drift House.

Big spend on changerooms as diving pool sinks

Analysis: The Warrnambool diving pool is dead in the water – but big dollars spent on tiling. (Image: Lost Warrnambool)

The Vault: Behind the scenes of an ugly pre-selection

The Vault: Behind the scenes of an ugly pre-selection.

Win sparking wine for Christmas!

[box]Win! We have two bottles of Henkell sparkling wine to give away to one lucky subscriber. All you need to do to be in the…

The Vault: The big shed shemozzle part 2

Inside The Vault: the big shed shemozzle, part 2

Enclosed harbour expensive, risky and unnecessary: letter

Environmentalist Bruce Campbell writes on why enclosing the Warrnambool harbour is such a bad idea.

By-election: Ind Liberal Pete Smith has a final word..

By-election: Lib Independent Pete Smith lets loose.

End of the road for retro motel, Caravilla

End of the road for retro motel, Caravilla.

Discovering another gem of an op shop…

We discover another gem of an op-shop.

Show us a trick, Dr Nick!

The magic of Nick Thies and the WTC review.

By-election: why we are backing Roy Reekie

South West Coast by-election: why we are backing independent Roy Reekie. (Image: RJ & KF Photography)

Fun4Kids Festival 2015: the results are in

Analysis  – Carol Altmann The figures for the 2015 Fun4Kids Festival are in, and it’s a case of good news and bad news for the…

The Stag starts new chapter in Sessions

The Stag, Port Fairy, has started a stunning new chapter under Kirstyn and Ryan Sessions.

Time stands still in Reicha’s store

The quirky world of Reicha’s store.

Can the Maremmas save Flagstaff Hill?

Comment: Can the Maremma’s save W’bool’s Flagstaff Hill?

The pot, the shell dolly and the bower bird

Clinton Krause: visiting the amazing Drylie collection.

By-election: Roy Reekie on rail

[box]ROY REEKIE is running as an independent in the by-election for South West Coast. Here he writes about improving the rail service:[/box] [quote] [dropcap style=”font-size: 60px;…

By-election: Michael McCluskey on education

[box]MICHAEL McCLUSKEY is running as an independent in the by-election for South West Coast. Here he writes about improving education:[/box] [quote] [dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #8F9F59;”]…

South-west women’s art prize offers hope

South-west women’s art prize offers hope.

Why WCC Mayor Neoh should step aside

Why WCC Mayor Neoh must step aside.

Rolling along in the Roobaix de Bool!

Rolling along in the Roobaix de Bool.

Priceless Fletcher Jones coat that fits us all

A priceless Fletcher Jones coat that fits us all.

First female Liberal candidate for South-West?

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #A02F2F;”] A[/dropcap] little bit of history will be made on Sunday (Sept 20) if, as suspected, the Liberal Party endorses a woman…

McCluskey endorses marriage equality

By-election: Michael McCluskey endorses marriage equality.

By-election: Mayor Neoh tipped to run for Nationals

By-election: WCC Mayor Neoh tipped to run for Nationals.

Win a night of luxury at Drift House, Port Fairy

Win a night at The Drift House, Port Fairy. Full details here.

By-election: are we on a road to nowhere?

South-west coast by-election: are we on a road to nowhere?

Feeling a building in your bones

Profile: Award-winning designer Donna Monaghan doesn’t just look at buildings, she really sees them.

To the lighthouse: a trip to Cape Nelson

To the lighthouse: we take a tour of the Cape Nelson Lighthouse.

Roy Reekie’s open letter to voters

By-election: Roy Reekie’s open letter to voters.

WCC wimps out on marriage equality

W’bool City Council wimps out on marriage equality.

WCC Mackay trip: Keeping it in the family

Analysis: The WCC “fact finding” visit to north Queensland.

The write stuff: author Steven Conte

The Write Stuff: Port Fairy author Steven Conte on the rollercoaster of success.

How Bruce Anson appears to have a job for life

How Bruce Anson appears to have a job for life.

Fishing for great stories from Fletcher Jones

The call is out for Fletcher Jones’ stories.

Sign of the times for Mortlake icon

Clinton Krause visits a Mortlake 60s icon.

Remembering Eva: an arts matriarch

Remembering Eva Gaspar: an arts matriarch.

W’bool losing its character, brick by brick

Analysis: Surely we can do better than this?

WCC continues to close off public scrutiny

Analysis: WCC continues to close off public scrutiny.

Tehan remains opposed to marriage equality

Wannon MP Dan Tehan remains opposed to marriage equality.

Win a night and dinner at The Merrijig Inn

CLOSED – WINNER ANNOUNCED IN JULY 19 EDITION [dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #A02F2F;”] W[/dropcap]e like to reward our loyal subscribers for the enormous part they…

Reunion exhibition a 4-tifying experience

It has only taken 27 years, but the Gang of Four have reunited.

Artlink rises from the ashes of Artlink

Artlink rises from the ashes of Artlink.


Short thoughts: grabbing life with both hands.

W’bool wakes up and smells the coffee

W’bool’s cafe revolution continues, with ‘Rough Diamond’ among them.

Cigar box guitars are really smokin’

Custom-made, cigar box guitars are smokin’…

Where does WCC stand on same-sex marriage?

Analysis: Where does WCC stand on same-sex marriage? We find out.

Uncorking another Port Fairy winter weekend

Suffoir winery joins Port Fairy Winter Weekends gourmet feast.

Bag a bargain in an old-style op shop

Old-fashioned op shop proving a hit in Koroit.

No cutting corners: Jack Hancock joins Fabrication II

Gifted Melbourne clothing designer Jack Hancock, who grew up in Warrnambool, is adding his skills to Fabrication II.

The polarising force that is Cr Peter Hulin

Profile: the polarising force that is W’bool City Councillor Peter Hulin.

Stitch up: fabulous Fabrication on again

Stitch up: the fabulous Fabrication project is on again, using old materials salvaged from Fletcher Jones.

Mt Elephant rises from its slumber

Derrinallum mechanic Geoff Henderson is the keeper of the keys to a volcano – Mt Elephant – which is now open to the public.

Letters: Region suffers as training kitchens stand idle

Your letters: Region suffers as training kitchens idle.

A Front Paddock just perfect for grazing

The Front Paddock adds a touch of class to Derrinallum.

Races, rates and rubbery figures

ANALYSIS: is this WCC fuel-guzzler really necessary?

Win: A limited edition Ella Webb print

WIN: A limited edition Ella Webb print.

How David Jones saved “Metamorphosis”

How the late David Jones saved the sculpture “Metamorphosis”.

Why doesn’t W’bool have a major art prize?

Why doesn’t W’bool have a major art prize? Image: Craig Ruddy.

Koroit, coffee and the three-song commute

Koroit is becoming cool and artist Clare Fennessy, a new Koroit resident, is among those contributing to the change.

Hooded plovers play catch me if you can

Birdcatchers: the team behind the Hooded Plover tag project swoop into the south-west.

The Warrnambool man who taught Namatjira watercolours

The Warrnambool man who taught Albert Namatjira watercolours.

Once-proud “Rowitta” is now an abandoned ship

Flagstaff Hill tourism jewel now an abandoned ship.

W’bool City Council’s big shed shemozzle

The Warrnambool City Council big shed shemozzle.