Preserving Indigenous stories

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Strata-fiona clarke
Fiona Clarke and a collaborative work, Strata, produced with NZ sculptor Chris Booth. Image: Chris Booth.

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #DDCE8D;”] L [/dropcap]ocal Indigenous artist Fiona Clarke, of the Kirrae Whurrong people, is well-known and widely respected for her work in tapestry and painting, but her talents as a storyteller are also gaining attention.

Michaelie Clark, from Warrnambool Books, has chosen Fiona’s first children’s book as her choice for this week’s Bookmarks; it tells the story of Minkgill (the Kirrae Whurrong word for ‘star’) and features a dozen of Fiona’s illustrations.

Importantly, it also introduces Indigenous culture to non-Indigenous children and helps preserve the Kirrae Whurrong language.

Over to Michaelie:

Minkgill Chases the Rainbow is a beautiful, poignant picture book inspired by elements of the Dreamtime, Australia’s history and the experiences of our Indigenous people, and the desire for a positive future for all children. It’s a simple yet powerful tale of hope, belonging, and of finding your way back up when you fall.

With vibrant images that tell the story as much as the text, we follow Minkgill, a star who tumbled from the sky and walked the earth, searching for his true place in the world. Feeling lost and lonely and sad, Minkgill wanders until he finds a rainbow, which leads him up to meet the Rainbow Serpent, who helps him make his way back home.



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  1. very good book i have been reading it and i found it very interesting please read the book to your children will take it all in , from her sister Libby clarke ,…

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