Buy a book for a child this Christmas

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[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #8F9F59;”] W [/dropcap]e have something a bit different for our Bookmarks this week that we hope will resonate with our readers who, like us, love words.

Instead of profiling one book, Bluestone Magazine is supporting a campaign by Warrnambool Books to encourage people to buy a book that they think a child might enjoy for Christmas and then donate that book to a very good cause: Bethany.

Michaelie Clark, from Warrnambool Books, explains how it will work:

“At Warrnambool Books we really love two things: Warrnambool, and books. We believe in contributing to our local community and we believe in the power of literature. That’s why we’re holding a book pledge this Christmas to benefit disadvantaged children in the Barwon South West region.

Our Book Angels campaign will run from Monday, 18 November until Monday, 16 December. During this time, customers can buy any children’s book from the store at a discount of 25% to donate to our collection, which will be presented to Bethany in the week before Christmas.

Bethany is a long-standing organisation with a base in Warrnambool, which will arrange distribution of the books to children in need.

There’s no better gift to give a child than a book. Opening books can open minds and doors in the future, so we hope lots of Book Angels will open their hearts to a worthy cause this Christmas.”

 Christmas books

[box] Find inspiration for book donations from Warrnambool Books on their Facebook page.[/box]


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