Do you remember the Drive-in?

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wbool drive-in 60s-bluestone

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #8F9F59;”] T [/dropcap]his week’s image for Mum’s Drawer isn’t from Mum’s Drawer at all, but we couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

The photo was taken in the 1960s and is from the collection of Ivan Berndt who used to work at the Warrnambool Drive-In and who still works as a projectionist for Warrnambool’s Capitol Cinema.

Do you remember nights at the Drive-in?

A product of the vehicle boom in the 1950s, drive-ins were once the ultimate in cool, what with their kiosks, speakers that hung from the rear window and the freedom of watching a film in the cosy capsule of a car (although, of course, not everyone went to the drive-in to watch the movie…)

Drive-ins survived the arrival of television, but succumbed to the rise of the VCR in the 1980s: people could watch movies of their choice in their own homes.

The Warrnambool Drive-In was on the corner of Rooneys Rd and Raglan Parade, where an (empty) hardware business now stands.

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2 thoughts on “Do you remember the Drive-in?”

  1. a blanket over the kids in the back seat to dodge the ticket collector was compulsory and all part of the experience… The Empire Strikes Back and Grease were awesome on the big screen with a sea mist rolling in

  2. Cool, I used to visit the drive in when I was a kid. I live in Melbourne and we have a couple still open and one down on the mornington peninsula. I remember going to the one on the peninsula a few years back with my girlfriend and we were the only car in all 3 fields! I felt sorry for the operator but it was still awesome!~
    Do you have anymore pics of the warrnambool drive in? I’d love it if you did as I would like to pass it onto a website called Driveins
    Check the site out if you love drive ins, awesome pics and stories of many aussie drive ins.

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