Can’t afford a real horse?

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Here is where we post adverts from Gumtree (the online buy/sell/swap site) that are either odd, unusual or just plain different. Most are for goods from around South-West Victoria, or close by.

All adverts, including the images, are reproduced direct from Gumtree, but some wording may be changed to protect privacy or for editorial smoothness.

(If you would like to follow up an ad, please do so through Gumtree: although it may not still be listed.)

Here is this week’s offering:

[box] Motorized horse over 2ft tall. Reacts to talking and patting. Eats carrots. Worth $700 new… Is a bit dusty, but she works well $250.[/box]

robot horse

(What I want to know is, where do those carrots end up? – Carol)