May Noonan Hostel to close after failing to find buyer

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May Noonan Hostel in Terang is being closed down after Lyndoch Living failed to secure a buyer. Image: Western District Newspapers

Carol Altmann – The Terrier

May Noonan in Terang is closing. How terribly sad. How utterly avoidable. Once again, the truth catches up with the spin being fed to the community. 

Perhaps the next step is Lyndoch Living telling us what’s happening with its Warrnambool facility – and the white elephant primary healthcare centre – and if mounting speculation that it will fold into South West Healthcare is correct. 

This option was first raised with me in February and seems increasingly more likely by the day. 

Former Lyndoch CEO Doreen Power, wherever you are, I hope you are feeling proud: this is your legacy. 

And to the board members who have overseen this slow train wreck these past years, bravo. You failed to listen, you failed to pay attention to all of the warnings and now here we are. 

You have failed the communities of Terang and Warrnambool and my only hope is Lyndoch remains in public hands.