Roy Reekie’s open letter to voters

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Just in: The ALP has confirmed it won’t be running a candidate in the seat of South West Coast on Oct 31 – but Roy Reekie, who ran for Labor against Denis Napthine last time, will run as an Independent. This by-election just got more interesting! Do you think Roy running as an Independent (albeit as still a member of the ALP) will boost his chances of a victory? Read his open letter to voters below:


Tuesday 1 September, 2015

Letter to editor – An open letter to South West Coast electors

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #DC943C;”] A [/dropcap]t the coming by-election for South West Coast, I will offer myself as an independent candidate to be your representative in State Parliament.

It’s fair to ask: if I’m not with a major party, what do you get?

Those who know me or who have observed what I’ve done in the community and in my career over the past thirty years will know that I won’t be propped up by photo-ops; I won’t speak through media release; I won’t be someone’s mouthpiece.

I don’t look like a normal politician. I don’t sound like a normal politician. I would not be a normal politician.

If I’m elected, I will consult with, listen to and speak on behalf of the community, with strength and without fear.

Having run in four previous elections (1999, 2002, 2006 and 2014), I recognise that this is my last chance to be elected as a parliamentary representative for a part of the world I love. My future – our region’s future – is in your hands.

This by-election provides the south west with a golden opportunity to control its own destiny; to break the mould by electing someone who can truly represent the entire region without fear or favour.

Whether that is me is not the point. The point is that, in this first ever by-election for South West Coast, our region might find its voice and, like the north east of Victoria, make itself contestable and relevant to both major parties.

Roy Reekie

Ferguson Street Warrnambool.

(PO Box 882 Warrnambool 3280

Facebook: Roy Reekie, Independent candidate for South West Coast |)

14 thoughts on “Roy Reekie’s open letter to voters”

  1. How about money into our local roads around portland. They are a disgrace should win the seat base on fixing roads.

  2. Absolutely, Dean. I tried to put a spotlight on this in the last election. The thing is: both parties just fund patch ups to our region’s roads (except for main highways and the odd bridge here and there) when they are in power. What we need is serious, well-planned, well-designed, long term infrastructure investment in our roads, not just patch ups. The Ring Road in Portland is the perfect example of this. How much money do we need to spend on continual resurfacing of that road before we fund a sustainable solution? To sound like a ‘normal’ politician for a moment: I have a plan for how we can fix our region’s roads, and I’d be happy to talk to you and others about it if you like. Jus get in touch. Thanks for your input. You are spot on.

    1. Even our highways out this way ( beyond the intersection of the Henty and Princes Hwy at Portland) are just patched up, our highways ( Henty and Princes Hwy west of Heywood ) are a national disgrace. And actually very, very dangerous. Lot’s of people are going to die on these roads if some major reconstruction and upgrading isn’t done ASAP. Napthine seemed to think that his electorate ended at Port Fairy, don’t do that to us if you are elected.

      1. Not a chance, Andrew. I may live in Warrnambool, but ask around in Portland (maybe try The Royal or out at Keppel Prince). I’ve never taken a backward step when it comes to doing my best to get results for communities in Glenelg Shire. In fact, I’m in Portland and Bolwarra this Saturday. Thanks for the challenge. I’ll rise to it.

  3. Intriguing. So it turns out that Roy Reekie will run as an independent because Labor can’t be bothered fielding an endorsed candidate. This is why at both state and federal level this area doesn’t exist in the eyes of politicians of either side. Labor doesn’t care because they regard the seat as unable to be won and Liberals don’t care because they regard a win as a fait accompli. Despite a lack of funds and the history of this seat, the Greens 100% definitely care enough to field a candidate.

  4. Well said Jean .What a disgrace that local people do not get the chance to chose Parliamentarians from all major political parties .Labour voters have been slapped in the face by some perceived political maneuverings .
    This area needs real LEADERSHIP and Liberals now have the choice to find a candidate who stands for something and has political principles .
    This is the opportunity to get real , grass roots representation

    1. They won’t though. They will parachute some up and comer into the seat from Melbourne, making sure they have a holiday house somewhere down here so they can say they are local. If anyone thinks that Liberal Party gives a damned about South West Coast, just think about what Napthine didn’t do for us as Premier, and what Dan Tehan has done federally to kill local growth industries, ie, voting to scrap support for windfarms, our biggest growing industry. Everyone in this area has been taken for a ride by the Liberal Party for so long, it’s time for the local people to wake up, and vote for anyone other than Liberal.

    2. Thanks for your input, Adam. The electorate will have a choice. Someone born and raised here, who they know and trust and who has already demonstrated what he can deliver when this seat is marginal (200-2006), or someone helicoptered or shoehorned in by the Liberal Party or a complete novice who hasn’t even had a job in his adult life yet.

      The main game is to make this seat marginal.

      This is a once in a century opportunity for our region. With the elected member sitting for only three years, why not try something different – an independent, or even a Green, Jean? It’s only for three years. If it doesn’t work out, go back to the old voting patterns in 2018.

      What’s the alternative? Another party hack, completely irrelevant for the next three years, invisible in Parliament, probably invisible in the community, warming a backbench seat on the opposition benches and focused on advancing their own career in the party rather than advocating for and advantaging the interests of our region? No thanks!

  5. I agree Adam but it won’t come from the libs, just look at their history a do nothing party go Roy

  6. Roy – I remember at an early meeting of the Merrivale citizens group over the proposed offensive Midfield Meat developments so close to where we live you said something along the lines of that if all else failed that you could speak to the Andrews Govt. planning minister to see what could be done to stop the process. I guess that after the WCC capitulated and with both sides of politics mouthing the “local jobs” mantra there wasn’t a hell of a lot you could do. I would imagine that if you were elected as an independent you would have much more clout in a similar situation. I’ll be voting Greens but you’ll get my first preference.

  7. WCC needs a kick in ass. Beach is a disgrace. Looks and smells like shit. We are supposed to be a tourist destination. Seaweed 10 inches deep is dangerous for patrons and race horses/riders. Also signage for tourism places in town. Indoor carting has been fighting council for years to get signage on highway. Seen vicroads and they say its local councils decision. Council says it isn’t a tourism place. Tourists/ out of town people need something to do to entice them to stop/stay in town. Can you please look /do something. I am sure other orginations/businesses are going through this also. Money spent in town stays in town as employment. Thanks.

  8. Have you resigned from the Labour Party Roy? Your not an independant until you do, I remember you telling a Merrivale community meeting at the last state election that Labor was no friend of Midfields and that you had raised milk plant issue with opposition planning minister- the first thing he did as elected planning minister was use his power to ignore due process and granted the application. Be a true independant Roy with true ethics…

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