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  1. Dear Carol,

    Inspiring to hear your thoughts on the future of local media on RN this morning.

    Here in the northern end of the Bega Valley Shire in NSW, our local, community (print) paper has been running since 2002. Its readership has always been much higher than the Bega District News — but we’re only a monthly. We’re all volunteers and monthly is enough 🙂

    Our Feb 2020 issue is now in the National Archive — we cover four towns (and the green spaces between), and two of them, Cobargo and Quaama, bore the brunt of the NYE fires. We published 60 pages that month (usually 36) after inviting stories and photos (and poems) from the community and committing to publish them all. Surprisingly high-quality content.

    The Triangle is free and to date is fully supported by local advertisers — even during and since the fires. But with Covid-19 we’re seeing many local businesses fold. We’re OK for now thanks to a very conservative treasurer but it’s possible we’ll need to investigate a digital-only model in the future, sadly — at least it will be in colour. I like your website and we’ll bookmark it as a possible model, even if we can’t claim the same level of journalism.

    I applaud you!

    In solidarity. Jen Severn, Quaama, NSW

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