Power plays in full force as WCC chief under threat

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Carol Altmann – The Terrier

Livestream from WCC Meeting: well the meeting appears to be over but they forgot to tell us about it. Tonight is a big night.

If, as suspected, the discussion behind closed doors was about the future of the CEO, then we can expect to hear much more on this very soon.

If, as suspected, 4/7 councillors plan to tell Peter Schneider that he has lost their confidence, then the CEO will pretty much have no choice but to resign.

This, if true, is an act of pure arrogance by four councillors who are just three months out from an election. It is a blatant power grab.

It is not about the competence of the CEO – he has only been there 18 months to clean up a mess that has been years in the making – it’s about keeping control.

How dare they decide who should be the CEO for the next council to work under? If anyone is to be judge and jury, that should be the NEXT set of councillors.

But of course, come the next election, the two power brokers behind this move – Crs Neoh and Gaston – may not have the numbers.

They may not – gasp – even get reelected. Imagine that! (If Cr Neoh wins again, he can notch up 20 years. Nothing like some fresh faces.)

They could scrounge up four because – I have been told – one of the four hopes to be the next Mayor after the next council elections. Side with us, we will give you the crown.

Oh my god, the assumptions! The dirty politics. The game playing.

Bring on October – we need a fresh start with people who care first and foremost about our city, not their personal ambitions.

Good night. Thanks for sticking around.