Why not…give away flowers?

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[box] This section – why not? – is a place to consider ideas: no matter how small, large or outrageous.[/box]

This week: Why not give away something to a stranger?

Our first ‘why not?’ was inspired by a routine trip to the East Warrnambool Woolworths supermarket early one morning, where Louise was suddenly approached by a man bearing a bouquet of flowers. This doesn’t happen often.

He introduced himself as the store manager, or something similar, and explained that the flowers were past their sale date, but still too beautiful to throw in the bin.

‘Take them,’ he said.

So Louise did. And that simple gesture made the perfect start to a day.

If you own a business, maybe you too have something a little past its sale date, but still too beautiful – or useful – to throw away.

Why not pass it on?


2 thoughts on “Why not…give away flowers?”

  1. I love this idea, I saw it done once on a show (can’t remember what) but people with social phobias were asked to go to a busy mall and hand out flowers to strangers. It had such a positive effect on both parties. Even smiling and saying hello to everyone you meet for the morning is a gorgeous thing to do.

    1. You are so right, Claire! I smiled at anyone and everyone after I received those flowers. The world just seemed even better than usual.

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