Goodbye to the original terrier, my mum

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I have been and will be under the radar for a bit as I farewell my dear old Mum. Mum was the original terrier, although she was born in a time when few women were able to become journalists.

Mum, instead, wrote letters to the editor of the Standard, read all of my university text books and protested long and hard with others to save “Murweh”, the mansion at the top of Liebig St that was – incredibly – destined for the bulldozers in the 1980s.

Murweh is still there. Mum, after almost 95 years, is no longer, but her love and care for Warrnambool lives in me.
On we go, Mum. On we go.

1 thought on “Goodbye to the original terrier, my mum”

  1. Sad times which I share having also lost mine on Jan 19 also aged 95. Feels strange being a first-time orphan at 72! I used to delight in saying to young people who asked if I had a Seniors Card, “if you think i am old, you should meet my mum!” But alas, no more.

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