A new voice: standing as Independent for South-West Coast

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Changing hats: I will be running as an Independent for the seat of South-West Coast at the state election.

Carol Altmann – The Terrier

Dear wonderful Terrier readers, I have news: I am running as an independent candidate for South-West Coast at the next State election.

I barely slept a wink last night, knowing I would be telling you this exciting news tonight, because it’s so exciting. [You can zip across right now to the new website to donate or volunteer or both! www.vote1carol.com.au]

It’s time for a new voice for our wonderful south-west community, from Warrnambool to Terang, Panmure to Portland, Heywood to Hotspur, Narrawong to Noorat.

Come election day on November 26, I want to be a terrier for every town.

My promise to you is that I will be a strong, independent voice who is not bogged down in party politics where great ideas and real progress is so often lost in power games.

My priority is and always has been YOU, and together we can do incredible things. We already have, just look at our track record:

We fought hard for Lyndoch Living aged care for four years and stood up publicly for the residents, families and staff from day one.

We cleaned up credit card abuse in the Warrnambool City Council.

We stood up for the environment, our wild beaches, and our precious indigenous cultural heritage, all of which are critical to a sustainable and enriching future.

And we voted out an entire council that no longer had the trust of the community.

This is what people power and the nimble, grassroots movement of The Terrier has achieved these past four years and I want to spend the next four making sure the wider South-West Coast is heard, that we take action on what matters, and that we build a bright and exciting future.

We have 100 days until the election: a day where we can create a little bit of history and change how the South-west Coast is represented.

We can do it.

Please visit the www.vote1carol.com.au website to make a donation, large or small, which will help cover the costs of Vote1Carol, from t-shirts to fence signs.

You can also sign up at www.vote1carol.com.au to help in whatever way feels comfortable, from putting up a sign, to handing out a flyer, to holding a fun fundraiser.

I can’t wait to get out there, to meet with you, talk with you and take your voice right to the heart of Parliament.

On we go!

3 thoughts on “A new voice: standing as Independent for South-West Coast”

    1. Thankyou Barb. You have been such a strong supporter the whole way through and I have so appreciated that. Carol

  1. Good on you Carol.
    I have taken interest from afar due to the protracted Lyndoch Living scandal. You have demonstrated diligence, integrity and respect, always supporting the best interest of the community. Frank and fearless in your reporting and endeavours to keep the representatives ‘honest’ and bringing malfeasance to account. You will be a terrific MP.
    Good luck.

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