Our third quiet hero

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 carol mcdonald-hero

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #A02F2F;”]F[/dropcap]or every fantastic community event, there is usually a band of hardworking, energetic, enthusiastic and lowly paid band of volunteers keeping it alive.

Look behind the scenes of many of the wonderful events happening around Port Fairy-Crossley at the moment, and there is fair bet that you will see Carol McDonald in there somewhere, helping out in some way.

The indefatigable Carol is technically ‘retired’, but she is not one to slip into her slippers and watch daytime television. Instead, she has become an invaluable supporter of the local arts community, particular through her involvement in the Port Fairy Ex Libris Festival of Words, held a fortnight ago, and the women’s community choir, the Red Tent Singers, who perform regularly throughout the South-West.

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #A02F2F;”] M [/dropcap]ost recently, however, Carol has been the driving force behind the wonderful Fifteen Minutes of Fame nights held on the first Friday of the month at the St Brigid’s Church community hall at Crossley. Carol and her team of volunteers have created an opportunity for newcomers to show their talents, and for more seasoned performers to reach a new audience, while providing a relaxed and entertaining night out for the audience. The hall is always crowded and each event helps to raise funds for the church building, which is community owned and operated by the Friends of St Brigid’s.

Carol loves a laugh, loves a champagne and loves to spread her energy to the benefit of others and so she is our very worthy third quiet hero.

Bluestone Magazine is donating a voucher for coffee and cake to each of our quiet heroes. This week it will be at Slitti Cafe, Bank St, Port Fairy.


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  1. Well done, dear friend. So many people look forward and enjoy these special nights that you put together.

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