Blue tunes #1

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Who doesn’t need a little music in their life now and then?

Given our name is Bluestone, we figure it is only appropriate to choose some music that features the word ‘blue’ in its title or lyrics.

Once you start looking, it is incredible how many songs have something to do with blue.

Here is our first choice – relax and have a listen…


6 thoughts on “Blue tunes #1”

  1. Great choice of song Carol and Louise, Blue Bayou is one of my favs! l have always loved Linda Ronstadt. Her memoir called ‘Simple Dreams’, same name as the 1977 album is out this month. Love the mag, by the way. l’ll be looking forward to Mondays now!

    1. Margy, I must admit that Carol is the music-mad one. I think I heard her singing the words to Blue Bayou as she worked on the mag last week!

  2. lovely choice Roy Orbison (the composer),The Cox Family & Raul Malo also do great versions of this song. Might I suggest for the next blue song Cocaine Blues by Johnny Cash or Blue Kentucky girl by Emmylou Harris Great Mag keep up the great work!

    1. Glad you are enjoying our magazine, thanks for the feedback, Pat. Please tell your friends so we can reach as many people as possible!

    1. That is a great choice Pat, thanks for the tip. We will certainly keep that one up our sleeve for use in the next few weeks!

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