Pushing the boundaries

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[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #A5CECD;”] T [/dropcap] his week’s quiet hero was summed up to us as being “a really incredible Mum”, but –  being relatively new to Warrnambool – we had no idea just how incredible.

Kylie Thulborn has four children, but it is her youngest son, Harvey McCorkell, that has attracted national attention because of his Mum’s determination that he be able to participate fully in life despite being born with heart and lung disorders that deprived him of oxygen and caused multiple disabilities.

As he grew older, Harvey, like any kid, wanted to surf, swim, skate, cycle – and Kylie found ways for it to happen.

She tracked down specialised sports equipment and programs  in Australia and overseas for children with disabilities. She also tapped into a supportive, global online community aimed at helping kids just like Harvey to live their dreams.

As a result, and through the use of adaptive sports equipment – including a Mike Box wheelchair designed specifically for wheelchair sports – Harvey, 12, has become a hard-core skater and year-round surfer. He has even cut a few waves off the coasts of California and Costa Rica.

His inspirational story and Kylie’s blogs about their journey were captured by ABC Open and went on to win a national media award.

Since then, Kylie has also recorded her story for the Surfworld Museum at Torquay.

She also continues to be involved in helping others with disabilities to “Share the Stoke” down at the Warrnambool foreshore.

Boy, Kylie deserves a coffee…and our admiration.

[box] Our quiet hero will receive a voucher for coffee and cake from this week’s sponsor, Rocksalt cafe, Port Fairy – thankyou for your support, Rocksalt.[/box]


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  1. We will look after you at Rocksalt Kylie, you certainly deserve a great coffee (and much more) as Carol has said and you definately have my admiration!

  2. Kylie truly is an inspirational women. Her devotion to her family is beyond admirable.

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