Lyndoch Living silent over ongoing staff shortages

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Carol Altmann – The Terrier

On Monday afternoon just gone, the hostel area of Lyndoch Living was allegedly operating with only one staff member to cover two wings, and another to cover one wing.

That is two people for around 41 residents, spread across three wings, from 2pm to 10pm.

These staff, according to my sources, were personal care workers.

There was, I am told, no Registered Nurse or Enrolled Nurse on duty for the afternoon shift because there was nobody available.

There was also nobody on duty in one wing of the hostel to serve dinner later in the day.

Residents in that wing were told that if they wanted dinner, they needed to go to another wing in the hostel which involved walking a considerable distance and down a ramp.

As a result, some residents did not have dinner.

In light of these allegations, I emailed Lyndoch Living for comment yesterday before writing this post tonight and asked this specific question:

“Are you able to comment on these allegations and, if correct, what is the cause of the staff shortages in the hostel area and what is being done to address them as Lyndoch moves toward reaccreditation in August?”

There was no reply.