Brickie Barry steps in for an ageing whale

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[dropcap style=”color: #a5cecd;”]B[/dropcap]ricklayer Barry Knowles is the sort of person who is often described as “salt of the earth” and he very much lives up to this reputation.

The Warrnambool tradie – who was born in Merrivale – comes from a proud working class background where people were not afraid to give each other a hand, and where he learnt early that hard work was the only way to get ahead: no matter what your trade or profession.

Barry was recommended to us as somebody who would be prepared to help out with our project to restore the Robert Ulmann whale mural on the corner of Flaxman and Nicholson streets, even though we were relying on community funds to pay for the project and, therefore, had a limited budget.

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As soon as we spoke to Barry, we knew we had the right person. He came down to the site, declared that it was something he could definitely help with, and that he would be proud to be involved so that when his grandkids walked past “they would know that I helped fix it”.

Barry’s skills will be used to repair the cracks and chips in the wall and remove or replace the metal fixtures that have rusted in the sea air.

Even though Barry is an absolute dyed-in-the-wool Collingwood supporter – a fact we can overlook for the moment (!) – he is very much our Quiet Hero for showing such enthusiasm and generosity toward the whale community project.

When we convinced Barry to be in this photo, he thought it was to help promote the project – and it is – but it is also a way for us to say thankyou, Barry.

You can donate to the whale restoration project here. Once we reach our target, work on the mural will start in spring.

[box] Barry will receive a coffee and cake voucher from Lozzar’s Lounge Cafe, Warrnambool. Thankyou, Lozzar’s, for supporting our quiet heroes.[/box]

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  1. Thank-you Barry, it’s people like you who give people like me the feeling that all is well with the world after all. A well deserved quiet hero award recipient.

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