signed, Fletcher Jones

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fletcher jones


My mother kept everything…and I mean everything. This used to be a source of great embarrassment, but now I am grateful.

Each week, I will upload something from Mum’s drawer – bits and pieces from Warrnambool’s past.

This week is a hand-signed Christmas note from the late Sir Fletcher Jones, given during the height of the Second World War.

Despite the rationing and hardships of the time, Sir Fletcher always made sure his staff still received a Christmas gift and a gift card.

This small card epitomises his famous generosity and respectful attitude toward staff who were treated as part of a big family, rather than as mere workers.

Like many of Sir Fletcher’s former employees, my Mum has long forgotten the gift, but never the gesture.




3 thoughts on “signed, Fletcher Jones”

  1. This is wonderful, Carol…Reinforces a thought I had that many people should reminisce and record anecdotes of times spent at Fletchers???

    1. I think it would be brilliant – and it was actually recommended that this be done about 10 years ago. I am not sure, however, if it has gone any further. It should happen, as FJs holds such a strong social history for Warrnambool.

  2. Sir Fletcher knew the importance of making his workers feel wanted.
    In return I am sure they respected him, their workplace and would do almost anything to please the customer. Unfortunatley in this day and age that sort of workplace rarley exsists, or persons running a workplace. I know for a fact that the company I work for treats you like a number and would have no guilt in pushing you out the door if they had or wanted to. And companies wonder why people treat their workplace with such disrespect. You get what you give!!!!

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