Riding a wave of success with surf wax

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Members of the (surf) board: Teenagers Jade McCreddan (left), Mick Slockwitch and Isaak Jagoe have come up with their own surf wax recipe and are finding plenty of customers keen to try their product.

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #A02F2F;”] E [/dropcap]ach member of the “board” is only 13 years old, but don’t for a moment think that the team behind a new, home-made surfing wax is not absolutely serious about making their product a winner.

Emmanuel College school buddies and surfing mates Jade McCreddan, from Yambuk, Isaak Jagoe, from Warrnambool and Mick Slockwitch, also from Warrnambool, spent most of last Saturday down at the Made by Me Market, at The Pavilion, in Warrnambool, where they put their surf wax – Stuck Wax – on sale for the first time.

While most boys their age would be heads-down playing with smartphones, Jade, Isaak and later Mick (who had to first compete in a surf lifesaving competition) chatted enthusiastically with customers about why their surf wax was better than the others. They also demonstrated its sticky superiority by leaving a lump attached to one of two surfboards they had brought in for display.

“We wanted to come up with our own recipe for a surf wax, so we started by looking around on the internet,” says Isaak.

Jade’s mother had some experience with wax through making beeswax candles, so the boys also sought her advice as they continued to experiment with various ingredients.

“I reckon we had about 12 different attempts until we worked out how we could make it really sticky,” Isaak says, “because that’s what you are looking for: something you can trust when you stand up on your board”.

“It is also eco-friendly and all natural ingredients,” Jade adds.

The Stuck Wax crew went public with their product for the first time at the weekend, with a stall at the Made by Me Market.

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #A02F2F;”] T [/dropcap]he product was put to the test in the surf off Warrnambool and Port Fairy, where the boys have spent countless hours through last summer and winter since becoming “hooked” on the sport about a year ago.

Having nailed the winning formula, which, of course, they are keeping a closely guarded secret, the boys turned to marketing and package design.

“I must admit we spent a lot of time in our maths class at school drawing different designs and sharing ideas,” Jade says.

Somehow, we can’t imagine the teacher would mind.

Isaak’s father prints their package design on A4 paper that they then use to wrap each of the 70g wax cakes that are made in bulk in muffin trays in Isaak’s family kitchen.

“We put foil down everywhere,” he says, reassuringly.

About 60 bars were on sale for $4 a pop at the weekend and all were sold out by 4pm, but the boys are not counting their profits just yet.

“Well, first I owe Mum and Dad some money and then we have to buy more ingredients, and then, if we have anything left over, we will split it three ways,” Isaac explains.

With this sort of business acumen, Stuck Wax sounds like it will be sticking around.

[box type=”bio”] Depending on the surf over summer, the boys may be at other local markets, but in the meantime, you can buy Stuck Wax by emailing them at Stuck_Wax_Enterprises@hotmail.com[/box]

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