This treasure mixes it with the best

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[box] As part of our Treasures section, we will make a monthly visit to Tony and Luke at Ozone Bazaar in Koroit St, Warrnambool (who are great supporters of Bluestone Magazine) to see what intriguing items they have picked up locally.[/box]

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #E6E600;”] W [/dropcap]ell before the Thermo-mix, Bamix and Kitchen-Aid, there was the Sunbeam mixmaster.

Just about every kitchen across south-west Victoria had one of these tucked in the kitchen cupboard from the 1940s to 70s, but to find one today in buttercup yellow, with matching bowls and even the instruction booklet is rare indeed.

Even more miraculous is the fact this 1950s model is still in working order: it is hard to imagine any modern kitchen device lasting for 50 years!

Did your mother have one of these?

Ours did…and in my case (Carol), it was white, with the big dial on the end that you could turn to match the recipe – cakes, cream, mashed potato etc. The mixer would roar into life, puffing a cloud of slightly oily smoke into the room, which served as a reminder that Mum needed to put a drop of Singer sewing machine oil into its mechanism.

The best bit, of course, was at the end when Mum would undock the beaters, hopefully covered in cream, and hand them to us kids to lick. Some simple pleasures don’t change.

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You can read our earlier story on Luke and Tony at the Ozone Bazaar, or find them on Facebook here.




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