A well-travelled junket

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mum junket

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #A02F2F;”] D[/dropcap]O YOU remember junket? Perhaps you still eat it?

These two packets of junket date back to somewhere in the 1970s and, frighteningly, they still contain some un-used junket tablets. Vanilla or pineapple, take your pick!

We are not game to try them for taste, but if we were, the instructions assure us that we will enjoy a tasty dessert that is particularly good for convalescents.

For those who don’t remember junket, it was a cross between custard and a chilled milkshake. Sort of.

Junket tablets have been making a comeback. Perhaps you have some at a delicatessen near you?

My mother kept everything – and I mean, everything. Each week we will reveal another item from the collection.

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Bowlin, bowlin’, bowlin’….

Lunch order, 1975?

signed, Fletcher Jones

What is a tray cloth?