What’s the story behind this treasure?

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ozone heads_3

[box] As part of our Treasures section, we will make a monthly visit to Tony and Luke at Ozone Bazaar in Warrnambool (who are great supporters of Bluestone Magazine) to see what intriguing items they have picked up locally.[/box]

[dropcap style=”color: #a5cecd;”] T [/dropcap]hese somewhat ghoulish little heads caught our eye, especially as there was a whole basket of them staring out into space.

Ozone Bazaar co-owner Tony Turnley picked these up from a secondhand dealer in Edenhope and believes they date from around the 1950s. The cardboard heads were attached to a bag of sweets and, after the sweets were all eaten, the heads could be saved and used as puppets.


Not sure if these faces would bring fun or fear to a child, but they are certainly now very collectable and sell for between $5 and $10 a pop.

If you know any more about these creatures, or perhaps you even owned one, please let us know!

You can read our earlier story on Luke and Tony at the Ozone Bazaar, or find them on the web here and Facebook here.




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