Rare images of FJ silver ball

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[box]Bluestone Magazine would like to thank Melinda Barrie from Melbourne University Archives for providing us with some examples of the images contained in a collection of items donated to MUA by Ralph Jones (Ralph Jones Construction Engineering Services) who engineered and constructed the unique water tower for the Fletcher Jones factory in Warrnambool, 1965-67. Citation: Ralph Jones Water Tower Submission and Business Papers, 2014.0112, Box 1, University of Melbourne Archives.[/box]

ball ground2

ball ground


ball cranes copy


ball crane 2


ball in place



words ball

ball documents


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9 thoughts on “Rare images of FJ silver ball”

  1. How wonderful to have these photos. Now we need an FJ museum to put them in, how good would that be.

  2. I believe part of the existing Fletcher Jones Building should be dedicated to a museum.

  3. Thank you for posting these photos. FJ’s history is being resurrected and preserved because of you two.

  4. Exciting to see these pics and to be taking the first tentative steps to collecting some of the local stories related to Fletcher’s. It would indeed be wonderful to see something on site in the future that links the collection at Melb Uni, the story of Fletcher himself, and local stories related to our community connection to the site. That would be very exciting indeed. Thanks Bluestone and Melb Uni for sharing these fabulous pics.

  5. Great quality photos.

    Shame that the only safe place for our history is in the University of Melbourne archives.
    They also hold early Powling (Port Fairy solicitors that many early Warrnamboolians used) papers and I believe other local solicitors – although I have only seen the Powling papers.
    Lobbied long and hard for a local professionally managed archive but thousands went on feasibility studies instead.

  6. fletcher jones factory, gardens and silver water ball should be saved it is part of warrnambool’s history, and previous residents’ history.

    i remember watching it being installed ,it was a wonder with all the cranes etc.

  7. I lived in Lava st as a small child and I can remember the “silver ball” being erected. We would come home from school each day and watch the workers for ages. However my dearest memories are of going to the Fletcher Jones Christmas party and I have photos of us all dressed up to go. I loved my Warrnambool childhood and if I was to come back to Victoria tomorrow would live there again.

    1. Hi Julie, Thankyou for sharing your memories. I think you would love the Save the Silver Ball FB page, that has a lot of old images on it. regards Louise (editor) Bluestone

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