Ten local takeaways from the state election

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Ten little local takeaways from the amazing state election, as of 9.30am this morning:

1. Roma Britnell’s primary vote has nose-dived from 15,486 to 12,240. Just by way of comparison, Dr Denis Napthine’s primary vote last time he ran was 23,234.

2. The ALP’s Kylie Gaston received 9250 primary votes There was a swing away from the ALP, but preferences from the independents flowed thick and fast to Kylie, which made this seat a very, very close race.

3. Independent James Purcell had an amazing result with 6387 primary votes. This put him well ahead of Independent Michael Neoh (3440) and Country Party Jim Doukas (3100) and the Greens Thomas Campbell (2231). 

4. The Liberals started on a very fat 11% margin in the south-west – that should be more than halved by the end of the count, making us marginal.

5. This election has not been kind to the Greens.

6. Preferences will see Liberal hold this seat, but not by nearly as much. A couple of thousand votes may be all that separates Roma from Kylie in the end.

7. The independents have shown that there is a mood for change in our neck of the woods. (We are, after this poll, more Liberal Lite rather than deep indigo blue.)

8. It is now up to us to make sure we maintain that mood. 

9. What does this all mean for Wannon MP Dan Tehan (Lib) at the next federal election? He must be feeling nervous! Who will the ALP endorse to take him on in a few months time?

10. Don’t ever think that your one little vote doesn’t count – it does.