Community vindicated in bruising fight to save Lyndoch

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Carol Altmann – The Terrier

THOUGHTS: How do you feel when you read headlines like this about Lyndoch Living, which acknowledge what we tried to warn about so many years ago?

At last serious action is being taken. Finally Lyndoch is considering selling that catastrophic failure: the half empty, over-sized, ego-driven monstrosity of a medical clinic.

And finally the slopping pig’s trough of highly paid management positions, consultancies, partnerships and sponsorships created by the former CEO and embraced by the board is being emptied.

I must admit that as I read this front page story, I swung between relief and rage, between vindication and sadness, because nobody took this seriously before it was almost too late.

We were dismissed by the Lyndoch hierarchy and board as a bunch of “social media” stirrers. For years, a couple of blockheads at The Standard dismissed the investigative reporting behind this story as the work of “just a blogger”, which meant they could continue to slap each other on the back while at the same time being completely played by the Lyndoch PR machine.

The Keep Lyndoch Living group, including Jim Burke who has written a terrific piece tonight (LINK AT THE END), was written off by the Lyndoch board as not being worthy of attention.

And thousands of people who signed not one, but two petitions to try and save Lyndoch, were also written off.

But we hung in there. We never gave up and we won’t, until this is set right. I am so proud to be among the terriers, so proud of Keep Lyndoch Living, so proud of every single person who has stood up for Lyndoch publicly and bravely: we have never lost sight of caring for our elderly and the staff who care for them.

Please skip across to read Jim Burke’s piece on KLL, it’s a beauty. Here is the link.