Lyndoch bulldozes its way through public reserve illegally

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Lyndoch bulldozed illegally through Scoborio Reserve to allow truck access to its construction site. Image supplied.

Carol Altmann – The Terrier

Lyndoch Living bulldozed – illegally – a dirty great track through the back of Scoborio Reserve.

The road was cut through several weeks ago so trucks could drive in and out of the construction site for the $22m medical clinic.

No permit.

No authority.

No shame.

I recently asked the Warrnambool City Council if this road sliced through a public reserve had been approved by council officers.

No, it was not:

“The short roadway cut into Scoborio Reserve was done without Council consent. Council expects the affected area to be reinstated,” a WCC spokesman said.

There you have it.

The illegal roadway has now been shut off.

For those keeping count, this is the fourth time Lyndoch Living has failed to meet planning and permit laws in the past eight months.

That’s all for now, but rest assured the terriers are still digging.

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  1. Shame shame what a mess off the Scoborio Reserve you would think one ex councillor and one that is one the council now would know permits are required.Shame Lyndoch Living

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