Mayor Herbert backs CEO before crucial Monday meeting

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Warrnambool City Council Mayor Tony Herbert

Carol Altmann – The Terrier

Update: W’bool Mayor Tony Herbert has released a statement to The Standard which has (finally) twigged there is something significant brewing.

I haven’t received a copy of the statement, so I can’t repeat it in full here due to copyright, but it endorses CEO Peter Schneider and makes this point: “In summary, all of the resolutions regarding his performance have been passed unanimously by the council at six months and again at 12 months.”

You will have to visit the paper’s website for the full statement. In the meantime, if ratepayers are left carrying the can for an unfair dismissal, we will know where the responsibility lies.

Just as I posted this, Mayor Herbert emailed me his response to my earlier question on whether he supported the CEO. His reply:

“He does. He has many challenges, a number historical. He is working on them, but surely, I believe if he is to make a difference, he needs support of the council.”