First female Liberal candidate for South-West?

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[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #A02F2F;”] A[/dropcap] little bit of history will be made on Sunday (Sept 20) if, as suspected, the Liberal Party endorses a woman candidate to run for the plum seat of South West Coast for the Oct 31 by-election.

While young Tom Napthine (son of Denis) is also in the mix, the money is on either dairy advocate Roma Britnell (left), of Woolsthorpe, or former Macedon MP Donna Petrovich (centre). Glenelg Shire Cr Anita Rank (right) is also running, but not generating quite as much ‘chatter’ as her pre-selection colleagues.

Either way, it will be a first to see a female Liberal candidate running for either the seat of South West Coast or its predecessors Warrnambool and Portland.

Interesting times.

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4 thoughts on “First female Liberal candidate for South-West?”

  1. What i would really like to know is will any candidate, male or female, make any difference to the way the South West is treated by the major parties? Will things stay the same as they are now? Will our roads improve? Will we have new rail rolling stock? Will things just stay the same due to the deemed irrelevance of the South West? I hope not but past experiences seem to dictate that gender will not be a factor in our part of Victoria receiving its due allocation of resources from Spring Street.

  2. This seems to be the thing when a sitting MP quits Parliament, be it Liberal or be it Labor it be it Nationals.

  3. Hope the new MP who is likely to replace Dr Denis Napthine does a great job in the south west coast.

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