W’bool puts up a massive fight for the Bight

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Carol Altmann – The Terrier

What a beautiful, uplifting sight. #fightforthebight

I might be getting soft in my old age, but this brought a lump to my throat today (March 3).

So many people from all walks of life across Warrnambool turned out to stand with the environment.

Disappointingly, only one Warrnambool City Councillor – Cr David Owen – was there to witness it.

If the WCC really wants us to be a “green city”, it needs to show that it is not scared of the word in practice, because this is what “green” looks like – people coming together to stand up for our natural world.

Go Warrnambool!

(You can sign the online protest against oil and gas exploration in the Bight here: http://greataustralianbightalliance.nationbuilder.com/…)