Losing it, with Marie Bean

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Local author Marie Bean takes a realistic look at keeping fit.

EXERCISE IS ONE OF THOSE THINGS that sounds really great, until you have to do it.

If only getting fit – and staying that way – was as easy as buying all of the right gear. Unfortunately having the best jogging shoes and sexiest running top is only the start: you still have to use them.

Which is why this week’s book choice by Warrnambool Books really appeals to us.

This is what Michaelie Clark, from Warrnambool Books, has to say about her selection:

Hot on the (jogger-shod) heels of the UK tour of Lazy Runner comes the release of Lazy Loser, the second book by local-born author and health & fitness guru, Marie Bean.

Confronting weight-loss myths and diet fads head-on, Lazy Loser offers sustainable and practical strategies and advice for implementing simple, effective and enjoyable changes to lifestyle and mindset.

Lazy Loser examines Australia’s food, exercise and body image mentality to evaluate where the real problems lie; it breaks the population into ‘temptation categories’ and then suggests realistic approaches to overcoming weight issues long-term.

Best of all, this is done in Marie Bean’s entertaining and down-to-earth style: “There is no magic bullet to weight-loss. I wish there was and it came coated in chocolate, but alas, there is not.”

(No chocolate-coated solution? Damn – Carol)

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