Our quiet heroes: the Drylies

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Tony and Claire Drylie with the display boxes...and the huge display board!
Tony and Claire Drylie with some of the St Joseph’s Primary School display boxes…and the huge display board!

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #A02F2F;”] W [/dropcap]hat we love about our quiet hero section is that we get to celebrate people doing things that might not always make the news: the small things, the little things that often go unnoticed or happen without much fuss.

This week our quiet heroes are Claire and Tony Drylie, who are well-known around Warrnambool for their kindness, their cheerfulness and, in recent years, their involvement in the grassroots arts scene.

While Claire is an artist, Tony is usually not far from the action, helping keep track of the finances (as he did with the former Quarry studio), or carting some piece of equipment from here to there in his four-wheel drive.

In the past few days, the pair has been involved in putting the final touches to an art project Claire has developed with art teacher Kathryn McMeel at St Joseph’s Primary School, where each of the 180 children in grades five and six have created small ‘portrait’ boxes that they have fitted out with objects that they believe capture who they are.

Imagine a chocolate box, without the lid, and a tiny, individual world created inside: a child’s world.

drylie hero2
Capturing little lives: some of the children’s work they have developed with Claire.

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #A02F2F;”] W [/dropcap]orking from an industrial shed at the back of a Warrnambool business, Tony has assembled and painted a 2-point-something metre display board in bright red, upon which Claire has been methodically gluing the boxes in preparation for their display at the school within the next fortnight.

(Ryan’s Removals have kindly agreed to deliver the display board which simply won’t fit in Tony’s four-wheel drive, no matter how hard he tries).

The final display is going to look spectacular.

Artists working with children has to be one of the most mutually beneficial relationships in existence and that is why Claire and Tony, and those like them, are our quiet heroes for this week.

[box] Our Quiet Hero will receive a coffee and cake voucher from this week’s sponsor Lozzar’s Lounge Cafe, Warrnambool – thankyou Lozzar’s. [/box]

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  1. What a great thing to be involved in. looking forward to the display. What lovely little mysteries will be in each box.

  2. Wonderful to see some of the end works from the children. Wish I was there to see the end product in all its glory, Fantastic!

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