Zooming in and zooming out: The Terrier in 2022

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Carol Altmann – The Terrier

What is this “unplugged” business? Well, The Terrier page will be doing things a little differently from here.

From here, I will continue to keep a close eye on the ongoing battle to restore Lyndoch Living to the community that owns it and do what I can to support the staff, former staff, families, residents and people from right across Warrnambool and beyond who are committed to the fight as much as I am.

Recent threats by Lyndoch to punish any staff found leaking to The Terrier has only hardened my resolve. Threats of dismissal, de-registration, and even – (cough) – jail show just how ridiculous the situation has become. Telling the truth is not illegal.

Threats don’t work. We press on.

My main focus is to provide updates on our community legal challenge the minute they come to hand. We are giving this all we’ve got.

And while we wait for updates, I also plan to drop in from time to time with material from The Terrier files that relate to this whole saga dating back three years.

This is stuff you haven’t seen, but that fills in gaps and colours in certain episodes.

And while I pick around in the files to dig out the interesting, unpublished stuff, I am also taking a bit of a sabbatical to continue with my other writing.

Apart from journalism, I love writing books (After Port Arthur; Four Seasons with a Grumpy Goat; Warrnambool: this is home) and I have one that is swirling around and around that needs the space and time to come to life.

This is the year it has to be written.

So you may see less of me, but I am not going anywhere: I may just be a little less noisy. Thanks for being a part of it.