Why not…spruce up the whale zone?

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[box] This section – why not? – is a place to consider ideas: no matter how small, large or outrageous.[/box]
This week: Why not spruce up the whale zone at Logan’s Beach, Warrnambool?
The fact Warrnambool has a whale nursery right on its doorstep is truly remarkable.
People travel for miles to Warrnambool to see these beautiful creatures in the wild, doing wild things, without the need for anyone to pay an admission ticket, to stand in a queue or be bombarded by people selling tacky souvenirs.
Instead, it is a simple, pure experience to stand high on a headland and watch up to 16 Southern Right whales – 16 ! – swimming in the water below.
But on land, things are starting to look a little shabby.
The sign to the main turnoff to the whales is rusted and faded and the interpretive signs on the whale viewing platform are similarly showing the signs of long exposure to salt air. Both could do with a makeover.
And while we’re at it, why not ban smoking on the whale platform itself? We asked the Warrnambool City Council about this, but their response indicated that it would involve a complicated, convaluted process that seems to accompany most decisions by councils.
Why not just do it?

2 thoughts on “Why not…spruce up the whale zone?”

  1. it’s a very simple process and just needs a good quality landscape master plan and well considered way-finding and graphic design…then it has to be built…it could be designed at least pro bono as a community initiative…it needs a community engagement process and a good mediator…there should be a design theme that runs right through from the Flume, through the back of Grannies and up around the Blue Hole, up to Logans…the basis for a cliff top walking track on to Lake Gillear is also in place and ready to role…art work along the route have been proposed for several years….how about the F’ers, Peek Wurrong, in association with Coast Care and a dedicated project working group with at least one councillor? Does anyone know a councillor that wants to champion this? the dollars are not big at all, good comms is the ‘hardest’ bit

    1. What inspired thinking! The whole clifftop area from Lake Gillear right through to Levy’s Point is ripe for something world-class, building on the fantastic esplanade that already draws cyclists and walkers by the dozen.

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