W’bool City Council CEO salary goes higher and higher

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W’bool City Council CEO Bruce Anson. (Image: Regional Capitals Australia)

You don’t know it, but the Warrnambool City Council voted to give its CEO, Bruce Anson, a pay rise last week and he now earns a salary package of somewhere between $309,999 and $319,000.

I can’t tell you exactly how much the pay rise is, because the WCC refuses to acknowledge that it even happened.

This is because, as happens in most local councils, it is all negotiated behind closed doors, voted on behind closed doors and the results kept confidential. And because it is confidential, our elected councillors can’t talk about it.

But I can tell you that since Bruce Anson became CEO in 2007, his salary package has increased by 50%, or around $100,000.

This is big money when you live in a place like Warrnambool.

It is the equivalent of around $6000 a week.

$6000 a week…in Warrnambool.

When you think about it, about 300 households in Warrnambool are paying their annual rates just to cover the CEO’s salary package.

The Premier, Daniel Andrews, is paid around $377,000.

In the scheme of things, our CEO is actually not that far behind the Premier.

Maybe our CEO deserves every penny of that package, but who would know? We aren’t allowed to ask how his job skills are measured because that, too, is confidential.

Again, this is how most local councils operate – apart from a few who opt for transparency, like Melbourne City Council.

And, just for the record, Fun4Kids, which was supposed to end two years ago when WCC staff warned it was bleeding money and would continue to do so, has cost us more than $7 million to keep afloat.

In just the past two years – when it should have been cut – it soaked up around another $1 million.

The WCC knew this festival was dead in the water, and finally dropped the axe this month.

But where was the succession plan? What did it think could happen in its place?

Apparently not only are we partly at fault for the festival’s failure because not enough locals attended, we now have to come up with ideas for its replacement.

$7 million….and $6000 a week.

Just some figures for you to ponder as we pay more for parking and more in parking fines and more to get a dog out of the pound and…

[Mr Anson’s contract is due to expire in January 2019. In the 10 years of his tenure, the position has never been advertised.]


13 thoughts on “W’bool City Council CEO salary goes higher and higher”

  1. The only “comfort” here for Pensioners ,struggling with those rates, etc, is the tax the position earns does help pay our pensions,

  2. All of our local councils operations need to be scrutinized be the state government and public. I lost faith in our CEO after the Wilma gate affair. (edited)

  3. It should be compulsory that these high salary positions are always advertised. Way, way overpaid for a city of 35,000. Just think of all the things a portion of this money could do. Maybe with some of Ansons wage & the $500,000 from f4k the council could actually do something for the people of Allansford – like fix our bridge! The proposed concrete chicanes are a danger & it would never happen in W’bool.

  4. Wow I’m not overly smart but if we didn’t waste $800,000 on new parking meters, cared more for our cbd businesses, paid a salary more commensurate to position say save another $100k per ann etc maybe our city council could help the town rather than waste money might need to start attending meetings to keep buggers on their toes

  5. Absolutely disgraceful. Surely transparency is reasonable to justify ‘why’ he deserves the pay rise and the amount he gets paid, if these figures are indeed correct. What sort of duties does a person perform as CEO to receive 6000 a week in Warrnambool? Make sure the surrounding paddocks are full of green grass? Make sure the round abouts are functioning normally? All ‘local’ rate payers ‘deserve’ nothing less than an explanation. Hopefully WCC responds. Perhaps The Standard might ask some hard hitting questions?

  6. Taxpayers money needs to be accounted for. The Council needs to be open and transparent and accountable for each dollar in receives in and pays out. Junkets overseas need to be cut out unless really necessary. A lot of business can be done over the internet now without the expense of travelling everywhere. No deals done behind closed doors, open up so the ratepayers can see their councillors earning their salary and extras. Too much graft and corruption coming out of Canberra, let’s make sure our local lot stay squeaky clean and above board.
    P.S. The CEO’s job is not worth $6000 per week, what could he possibly do in a week to warrant that sort of money. Makes us wonder what all the others are getting paid as well.

  7. Thankyou for your comment Trevor, but unfortunately I am unable to post it publicly because of defamation laws.

  8. Thank you Carol. Gives us food for thought: and ongoing thought and action.

  9. It is ridiculous to have CEO for the length of time Anson has been there. Not good for our city Not good for any Business. Not good for councillors We need a change. Desperately need a change . With innovative ideas. Nothing happening here House prices haven’t gone up in 10 years that says a lot about how the town is doing What projects other than Main Street have we got ! We are not moving forward with this CEO.

  10. Bruce Anson has worked at WWC for to many years- it’s complacency on the part of the WWC and Anson- but why would he complain- what does he actually do to ddeservd that pay??? The people demand to know Bruce- what do you actually do- earn $600 pre lunch- what new innovative ideas have you implemented- toilets along the beach road are disgraceful, there’s no international signs in the roads/traffic fairways- rates have gone up and property prices haven’t increased in 10 years, Liebig st businesses are struggling- we’re are you- out in the streets meet and greeting people?, getting ideas and feed back??? Na- your in your tower salaried too much to justify your worth.

    1. Bring on January 2019: a street festival to farewell Bruce perhaps?
      Send your suggestions to WCC…..

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