The purrfect Christmas kitty

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fake cat


[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #A99E90;”] O [/dropcap]ccasionally, we post an item from Gumtree – the online sell/trade/swap site – that is odd, unusual, funny or just plain weird.

This week: the purrfect alternative to a real kitten for Christmas. This one doesn’t even require a litter tray!

[box] Kitten. Real fur. White in colour. It Purrs Scratches & Meows. $10[/box]

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1 thought on “The purrfect Christmas kitty”

  1. No litter tray needed or brushing/combing: perfect………..hope some one gave it a good home for Christmas! Although must admitt {personally} nothing like the real thing……

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