Amid scabies and funding fears, Lyndoch goes racing

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Carol Altmann – The Terrier

Yes, Lyndoch Living has a corporate tent at the May Races this year.

Yes, there is a gorgeous marquee decked out with stunning plants and there are goodie bags promoting the Waterfront Living apartments, because, well, how else could you possibly spend aged care funds in the wake of a Royal Commission into Aged Care?

On something meaningful and lasting? Sadly, no.

And why not have a corporate tent for three days at the races when there was a confirmed scabies outbreak in Lyndoch less than a week ago?

Far away from that itchy mess, the only scratching to be seen in the corporate tent is that on the form guide.

And why not spend aged care funds setting up a corporate tent when Lyndoch has recorded a string of deficits these past five years?

The estimated cost of the tent and catering is $40,000 for three days, which is on top of the $200,000, three-year sponsorship of the Grand Annual Steeplechase.

And heck, why shouldn’t Lyndoch corporates and invited guests be able to let their hair down after the stress of hearing Lyndoch’s former acting Chief Financial Officer say he doesn’t support its proposed $22 million medical clinic and, as a private citizen, he fears for Lyndoch’s financial future.

Nobody has a problem with Lyndoch residents enjoying a day out in the bus, placing a few bets and having a glass of bubbles, before retiring home for a cup of tea.

But the community is not stupid: this whole race-week get up is not about the residents.

The residents are a shield for the blatant fact that Lyndoch is spending tens of thousands a year on the horse racing industry.

Drink up! Eat up! Go you good things!

Does any other aged care home in Australia do such a thing? I doubt it.

As a community, do we accept it?


4 thoughts on “Amid scabies and funding fears, Lyndoch goes racing”

  1. It’s a pity Lyndoch don’t put as much time and effort into looking after their residents and other clients, maybe it’s the reason they have to take so much out of their CDC package clients funds.

  2. I fear for the people of Warrnambool and outer areas if Lyndoch Living is one of the options for Aged Care.
    Maybe one of the problems is that everything the CEO and management are doing is lawful?
    So is it the Aged Care Act that needs to be replaced?

    Lyndoch Living is given $ by the Fed Gov’t from our taxes. Then, it receives more $ from the residents.
    The Aged Care Act does not mandate financial accountability or transparency from the owners of privately run Aged Care Facilities. So, as seen in Melbourne, the AC subsidy might be used to purchase $6.5 Million Dollar apartments or a new maserati, or, it might be spent on proper Clinical Care, wages and quality food for residents. We’ll never know.

    Shame Shame Shame that the hard earned wages and well deserved pensions of the people of Warrnambool are being used for frivolous self indulgent promotional activities while scabies is presently afficting our Elders in care.

    It’s going to take a lot of brave people to fix this mess.

  3. Appalling. Good on you for reporting this. Old journos never die, the simply go in the internet. (I know because I am a very old one and the need to point out behaviour like this remains strong.

  4. Disappointingly I hear reported that the funding in the federal Budget for aged care is not tied to the direct care of the residents.
    If that’s true its a damming omission by the Liberal government, and anyone can well imagine where the funds will go given the findings from the royal commission into aged care, for profit and it seems some not for profit most likely wont be using the funds for the benefit of residents in aged care unless it stipulated in legislation, I wonder where Lyndochs increased funding will end up ? Horses ,sponsorship of more clubs ect ,executive positions and salaries, medical center not for the benefit of residents . Anyone care to lay bets where the funds will go .

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