Saying “enough” to sexual violence against women and girls

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Carol Altmann – The Terrier

Standing up: In the absence of any other events that I have (so far) seen planned in Warrnambool for the #enough national event happening next Monday, 15 March, I am planning one.

It will be simple, but it will – I hope – still have meaning.

Next Monday, 15 March, I am asking everyone who wants to express support for women and girls in the ongoing battle against sexual violence and sexual assault to meet at the Civic Green from 12.30pm to 1pm for what I am calling a circle of solidarity.

We will stand 1.5m apart, as is the new norm, in a circle. If three people turn up, it will be a small circle. If more people turn up, it might be a little bigger. If lots of people turn up, we may even need two circles.

There will be no speeches, but bring a sign with the #enough hashtag or whatever else you would like to say.

As I say, this is a simple protest, but I cannot let the events of the past few weeks pass without standing in solidarity with those who have spoken up and said “enough”.