Cr Sycopoulis warns agains “misdirected and unlawful coup”

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Warrnambool City Councillor Peter Sycopoulis: he returned to council this year in a count back. Image: Supplied.

Carol Altmann – The Terrier

Update: Warrnambool City Councillor Peter Sycopoulis has come out punching against moves to dismiss the CEO, saying the last thing the city needs now is a “misdirected and unlawful coup”.

Bam! Right between the eyes with that one!

Cr Sycopoulis sent a lengthy reply last night to my question to all councillors – do you support the CEO Peter Schneider? – but it was too late in the evening to publish, so I am running it now.

As we now know, Crs Neoh, Gaston, Owen and Cassidy are moving behind the scenes to get rid of the CEO, who has been in the job 17 months. He replaced Bruce Anson who had been in the job 11 years.

This is what Cr Sycopoulis had to say ahead of Monday’s “special meeting” where the CEO’s future will be discussed in confidence:

“I would have to say that I express my support to Peter Schneider in his efforts as our Chief Executive.

To this point I have seen no reason to question Peter’s performance standards. Just as importantly though, I believe him to be a man of integrity and is highly principled – this goes a long way with me.

I am impressed with the manner in which he has secured extra funding for the roofing of the Southwest Livestock Exchange and an extra $400,000 towards the combined Council/TAFE Library project.

Other successes include the settlement of contractual disputes associated with a major project, implementing Council’s new environmental objectives, reviewing the organisational structure of Council, capably managing the corona virus emergency and co-operating with the Council to provide free parking for CBD areas.

Even though the public are not privy to it, he is responsible for resolving many historical issues that had not been addressed in the past.

A final point though. The last thing this city needs is a misdirected and unlawful coup.

Warrnambool ratepayers desperately deserve and need a council that is guided by integrity, strong leadership, thorough oversight and scrutiny without fear or favour.”

This is going to be a dirty fight. More to come on this story later today.