WCC candidate Max Taylor talks with The Terrier

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What three main skills could you bring to the Warrnambool City Council as a councillor?

I have business experience spread over 48 years in Warrnambool. Have been a member of almost every business group during that period including Chamber of Commerce, Business Action Group, Central Business Development, Commerce Warrnambool and President of the Warrnambool Tourism Association.

Have seen many changes to Warrnambool during that time and more in particular to the CBD. Warrnambool has so much untapped potential to market and promote as the number one shopping, weekend and holiday destination between Melbourne and Adelaide.

Do you see any particular issues, projects or problems in Warrnambool that would like to work on as a councillor?

I see quite a few issues to work on as a Councillor. I would like to restore vitality, activity and see the CBD flourish again by bringing shoppers back by providing free 2-hour off-street car parking, filling empty shops, reduce the $80 fine for overstaying your time and shoppers enjoying a coffee in the CBD without having to worry about ticket machines.

I would like to see the promenade upgraded by providing far more sea views, gym and exercise equipment beside the path and a large fernery south of Worm Bay.

Also I would like to see the harbour upgraded tp provide safe boat launching. Lastly, I would like to see our local hospital continue to expand and provide prodigious service to our community.

Do you think the council could be more “open” with residents and if so, how?

The Council should be more open to residents by allowing Councillor’s to raise issues in a general business time.

The next 12 months is going to be challenging due to the impact of Covid-19 – do you have one or two key idea/s for how WCC could support residents and/or businesses?

Obviously, the Council can support business’s by providing free car parking to shoppers. This provision always has an immediate positive reaction. Residents who are having trouble paying their rates should be favourably heard at a private discussion with Council staff.

Do you have any ideas on where the council could cut costs, if necessary, to keep rates at the state cap?

To cut costs, I believe every Council staff member should be accountable for every hour they work to be productive, therefore staff costs can be reduced for unproductive work. Council payments to the Mayor and Councillors can also be reduced.

Preferences will decide who is elected to council. Are you planning to preference most highly new candidates, current councillors, or you will not be listing your preferences

I am not providing any preferences at all to anyone and stand to be elected on my business background and experience.

If you were elected, what ways – if any – would you keep residents and ratepayers informed as an individual councillor?

I will be available to residents and ratepayers the majority of the year at my business address in Liebig Street.

If you were elected, what would you have liked to have achieved at the end of your four-year term?

A revitalized CBD with all shops occupied and free off-street car parking provided to potential shoppers, a safe boating harbour, for Warrnambool to reach its untapped potential and a much-improved exciting, enthralling and interesting promenade.

Are you a member of any political party? 

I’m not a member of any political party.

In the past two years, have you been a member of any local club, organisation or association?

Been a member of Daybreak Rotary, President of the Warrnambool Traders Association, and a member of the Warrnambool Ratepayers Association.