WCC staff survey results to remain under wraps

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A call by WCC Councillor Mike Neoh for staff survey results to be released was nothing more than a stunt. Image: kruiser

Carol Altmann – The Terrier

The votes are in and….drum roll…. Warrnambool City Cr Mike Neoh has won Stunt of the Year, even though it’s only July.

Cr Neoh’s bold, Superman-underpants call for the WCC staff survey results to be released was never going to happen and he knew it.

Former CEO Bruce Anson would not release them. Former CEO Peter Schneider would not release them. And guess what? (Envelope please….)

New CEO Vikki King – anointed to the post this week by Cr Neoh and three other councillors – won’t release them either!

What a stellar performance of bullshite at its best!

So here we are, none the wiser as to what evidence pressed the eject seat under former CEO Schneider on Monday night.

I asked all the councillors today whether they would press Ms King to release the results.

Only Mayor Tony Herbert replied. His reply is worth reading in full and so I am posting it below.

Our council is broken, bleeding and stinks to high heaven. More to come, in coming days.

From Mayor Herbert:

“Thanks for your question.

As stated previously, the staff survey this year as with other years, was conducted with a high level of confidentiality which I believe must be respected. Maybe the next one, if staff were informed that their results in whatever format council decides, are going to be made public and the staff are aware of this, I might support being made public.

The staff already feel they are under the community microscope with the various forms of media ready to publicise anything they do wrong. Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s becoming too public.

Myself, I have doubts about the motives behind the call for staff survey results being made public.

It’s such an operational issue and as I used to be reminded regularly about this in my early days as a new councillor.

The staff, and all their related issues are the sole responsibility of the CEO. Surely staff survey results ,whether it be detail or higher level is for the CEO to decide not individual councillors. Councillors don’t actually have the control to do whatever they wish. They have to first and foremost act within the WCC code of conduct and the Act.

Given the staff sentiment also at the moment, I would prefer the staff to feel our genuine care for them rather than further humiliating them.

There was a staff suicide last year and many of them are still dealing with that event. They need support not more public attention.

Thanks for your query, but it’s a resounding “no support” from me.”