Fight4Lyndoch rally: Dr Michael McCluskey

Media release on behalf of Dr Michael McCluskey, a veterinarian, who has twice applied – unsuccessfully – for membership to Lyndoch Living:


With these words Dr Michael McCluskey ended his speech to the large crowds who packed Scoborio Reserve on Sunday under the ‘gaze’ of the new medical centre being built by Lyndoch Living.

Dr McCluskey shared with the many people present his long and tortuous journey about him trying to become a member of Lyndoch Living.

Having applied for membership to LL well over 12 months ago and being knocked back he then took his concerns to VCAT, spurred on by in his own words the ‘large scale, stonewalling of membership applications’ that has gone on for far too long at Lyndoch Living.

Dr. McCluskey’s VCAT application is currently in mediation however he believes the mediation process is unlikely to lead to what he believes to be ‘a fair and reasonable outcome’.

Taking inspiration from the quote he regularly signs off his emails with- ‘We can act on the world or let the world act on us’- Dr. McCluskey then reapplied once again for membership to Lyndoch Living on the morning prior to the VCAT mediation hearing.

Unsurprisingly his application was once again denied.

“I have been involved in a number of community organisations and I have never been confronted with such flagrant, stonewalling of people wanting to become members”.

“Most organisations struggle to get members or people willing to go on committees and are happy to welcome you with open arms” said Dr. McCluskey.

“I am happy to be proven wrong however the only two reasons I can think of as to why so many good people are being denied membership are the desire for ‘control and secrecy’.”

“In my experience if one or both of these factors are operating then there is a significant risk of shall we say ‘unhealthy behaviours’ developing in an organisation.”

Concerned about the likely outcome of the VCAT mediation process Dr. McCluskey has lodged complaints in recent weeks with both the Aged Care Commission and the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) which is is the national regulator of charities.

“It was during discussions with the ACNC re the wholesale refusal of membership applications by the board of Lyndoch Living that I was given the feedback that ‘It’s not sounding normal’.”

Chilling within literally minutes of Dr. McCluskey finishing his speech to the throngs of people attending at Scoborio Reserve on Sunday, his email inbox included an email from Lyndoch Living’s lawyers (in connection to the VCAT hearing).

Coincidence or not? I will leave that to you the reader to decide!