Fight4Lyndoch rally: community advocate Diane Riordon

Fight4Lyndoch rally MC, community advocate Diane Riordon:

Good morning everyone and thank you for coming along to support the staff and clients of Lyndoch Living which has been a valuable community asset since 1952.

My name is Diane Riordon and I am the MC for this morning. I speak to you as a concerned resident who has become totally frustrated that the situation at Lyndoch is now at a critical stage and yet nothing seems to be happening to resolve what is occurring.

In recent years we have seen:

1. A change in management style has seen many, many hard working and experienced staff leave Lyndoch. This is having a huge an impact on residential care.

2. The Lyndoch board has shut the community out. It no longer tells us what is going on or explains its decisions. This is having an impact too.

3. And we have seen a massive change in the direction of Lyndoch – summed up by the huge, half-finished $22 million building right behind us. It was supposed to open next month. Many fear this building will be a white elephant and send Lyndoch broke.

I have been following this issue for more than 12 months. In that time I have twice written to Dan Tehan and have received a response to say the issues are being addressed but nothing changes.

I am looking forward to hearing what our leaders have to say today.

By the way, the staff shortage is not a Covid issue, it was already happening because of unrealistic demands being made on staff.

There are a lot of you out there, both staff and ex staff, ex board members, residents and resident’s families who are suffering in silence because you have been warned of the repercussions.

But now is the time for us ALL to speak up. You are going to have to be brave and stand up and fight for your rights. Do it in groups and document everything. The fight is harder alone.


To the resident’s families, ask lots of questions, demand they are cared for properly and once again document it. Challenge the fact that you are not being allowed in to see them and take it up with your local member and your loved one’s doctor.

Contact the Aged Care Commission. After all, Lyndoch Living has still not passed its re-accreditation.

I hope you can be strong and not be intimidated or fearful. Again, we are here with you.

You can today see the amount of community support you have.

I will leave you with a couple of quotes from the “CEO Magazine” to ponder.

When Doreen Power, the CEO of Lyndoch, was interviewed she said:

“Someone can come to Lyndoch and live the life they want to live and be assisted in doing so.”

I doubt the residents would agree with this at the moment.

And: “Lyndoch Living is providing its residents with a home they can be proud of, one that’s welcoming to friends and family.”


And, lastly, the CEO has described Lyndoch as a community owned facility that has been guided by its links to the community.

If that is what the CEO believes, why is the community being shut out?

This is why we are here fighting for Lyndoch today.